Alan Wake on Xbox 360: Harvester of Sorrow – New Video released

By Alan Ng - Mar 7, 2010

Are you looking forward to the release of Alan Wake on Xbox 360? The game has been getting a lot of positive feedback lately, thanks largely to the impressive visuals seen so far – this latest video clip we’ve found is no different.

The clip is called Harvester Of Sorrow, and shows a small segment of gameplay. From the video, you can instantly see the fog effects which play a nice part in this particular scene, as a harvestor machine comes crawling towards Alan and his flashlight, ripping everything up in its path.

Many are saying that Alan Wake could be ‘the’ Xbox 360 game that finally defines the console, in terms of graphics capabilities – and we have to agree with them.

Its a shame this particular clip isn’t a bit longer, but never mind. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Source: AllGamesBeta

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  • Nick

    Jesus !! look at them graphics. Finally microsoft, something im actually hyped about on the 360 !

    • ak47

      You think they are Xbox 360 graphics ? Lol, they are PC for sure. It will look nothing like that on Xbox 360.