PS3 Vs Xbox 360: Just Cause 2 – Graphics comparison

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2010

Are you looking to pick up Just Cause 2 on either the PS3 or Xbox 360 at the end of the month? If so, it’s a good idea to check out this side by side graphics comparison gallery that we have found.

The comparison comes from German website VideoGamesZone, who have uploaded eight high quality images for you to feast your eyes on. Just so you know, the PS3 shot is at the top, Xbox 360 at the bottom.

If you didn’t know already, the game has been co-developed by Avalanche Studios and Eidos Interactive, meaning that Square-Enix now assume publishing duties, after their takeover of Eidos.

Which version do you think looks the best out of the two? PS3 or Xbox 360? Tough one to call, maybe not for the purists.

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  • Err, I'm 100% sure that the demo on the 360 doesn't represent the graphics in the full game. I just bought the full version today and textures are much richer, among other things that simply look much better.

  • Matt

    did this make anyone else go "WTF"?

  • Silverhawk90

    The PS3 demo seemed to be strange to me, at least in the cutscenes.

    I'll have to check out the full game, the demo is decent on my laptop also, but it needs a powerful PC to do it really well.

    A powerful PC will probably do it a lot better than the consoles right?

    Hey Jbrist, you mentioned Bayonetta? Does anyone know how much the patch helped the PS3 version?

  • I'm currently playing both demos. The draw distance on the ps3 seems a lot better. The bloom effects on the 360, although cool when looking up through trees, is somewhat of a nuisance when looking down at the ground from above. The camera seems to take a step back on the PS3, letting you see more. Visually, I'm enjoying the PS3 version much better (and I do 90% of my gaming on the 360) Controls, although they are the same, I dig triggers for my weapons, so 360 you get a nod.

  • gez

    thats because developers are learning more about the ps3.

  • Jbrist

    The problem with those screenshots, is that on the PS3, the character seems to look darker, whereas when I've been playing the game, he's lighter, like the 360.

    Strange to be honest, maybe it's how the TV's have been set up.

    However, I agree with Kris, this is a game that looks better overall on the PS3, and has been proven by Eurogamer, the article can be seen here;

    I think it's great that more games are looking as good if not better on the PS3 than the 360 after all of the shoddy ports we've seen over the years, let's not forget the recent Bayonetta incident.

  • I think the PS3 screenshot looks much better. Which is a shock cause 360 does look better most times o.o.