New iPhone App: VoIP over 3G and WiFi using G729 codec

By Gary Johnson - Mar 6, 2010

Want to make calls or send texts with your iPhone via the internet? Now you can with V Phone mobile VoIP app. The V Phone allows users to make calls or send text messages via the internet over wifi or 3G.

The V Phone app uses the internet to route calls and SMSs to the receiving party. This means that users can use their voip providers free of charge, or at a small percentage of the cost compared to traditional PSTN calls.

Features include In-app visual and voice help, data updates of sms and voip providers, multiple voip and sms accounts, codec G729. V Phone app is available on the Apple App Store and comes in two versions, standard and premium. The premium version includes the G729 codec, for making calls over 3G, which uses less bandwidth and better sound quality. All the other features are the same on both versions.

Priced at $11.99 for iPhones with OS 3.0 or later.

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  • Frank

    AltPhone does more and it is free.

  • Any tips on how to make free calls to USA?