Future for Google Earth and Street View in Europe: Is there one?

We recently reported that Google Earth’s Street View could be coming to an end soon, which is all part of a recent European ruling. It seems that Google has to remove their images taken after 6 months and not the current 12 – something Google says would end up being to expensive. We now ask the question – Is there a future for Street View in Europe?

However, Google has no intention of stopping shooting and adding photos from Europe, this is according to a report on Cnet, which they had learned from Bloomberg. So we are now getting two different stories, the question is – Which one should we believe?

Before Google begins to take more snaps in Europe for Street View, they have been asked that they warn people before first – this way they will not invade their privacy. Google argued with the courts that they need to keep their images for a year as to ensure their quality and accuracy; the EU still wants them deleted in 6 months.

Who do you think is in the right, the EU or Google?



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