Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – EA Servers down and Stats reset?

By Alan Ng - Mar 6, 2010

Are you enjoying Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at the moment? The game was released this week in the US and UK, with EA no doubt preparing for a huge boost in numbers during the first weekend since its release.

After spending a few hours with the game today, I have to admit that the gameplay is really enjoyable, loving every minute of it – although I have been experiencing a few problems today with the game.

While I was mostly able to enjoy a stable connection to the game, after a period, I was disconnected from the servers and was then greeted with the ‘cannot connect to EA servers’ message. When it eventually came back up, I found that some of the XP I had earned in the previous game, had not saved, while some other stats had reset.

I have to say that I’m currently enjoying the multiplayer experience better than I thought I would be, that is coming from a self-confessed Modern Warfare 2 nut.

Have you experienced any of the problems that we mentioned above? Let us know how you are finding the game at the moment.

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