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Android 2.1 Download: Ready for HTC Eris and Motorola Droid users

There is no denying that Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris owners have been watching Nexus One users with envy as they have been enjoying Android 2.1 for some time now. Thankfully the wait is over and the OS update is now ready for download.

Phones Review reports that Softsailor has issued a warning for those who wish to install the update as it could brick their handset – this means that it is not an official update but a leaked version. They also warn that if you install the upgrade then there is no going back

When you watch the video that was released with the Android 2.1 OS update it looked to be genie. If you want your Motorola Droid or HTC Droid Eris to run perfectly – then best hold off until Google launch the official version of its latest mobile OS. We have to wonder how long it will be before the official version of the OS is released.



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