WSJ Apple iPad Edition: iPad App News

By Jamie Pert - Mar 5, 2010

As you may already know applications available at the App Store which run on the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch should also run on the Apple iPad, however as the iPad has a much larger display developers may decide to create applications which are more suited to the iPad.

When the iPad finally launches there will apparently be a Wall Street Journal app, however Steve Jobs is not pleased that this information has leaked, usually Jobs does his best to keep any Apple-related information a secret.

Apparently a WallStreetJournal editor called Alan Murray revealed the launch on his twitter page, I did check his Twitter, however could not find any related tweets, therefore I cannot say exactly what was said, however it is said to involve Apple visiting WSJ to promote the iPad’s eReader capabilities.

As we hear more details regarding the WSJ Apple iPad application we will keep you posted, for more details check out the link below.

Source: OnlineSocialMedia

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