With or Without a Verizon iPhone 4G deal in 2010: Sales Estimates

By Jamie Pert - Mar 5, 2010

A Merrill Lynch analyst called Scott Craig has recently updated his 2010 and 2011 estimated iPhone sales figures, his predictions are posted on Barron’s and take into account whether or not a Verizon iPhone is ever released.

Craig believes that 33 million iPhone sales are “basically achievable” within 2010, he feels that with or without a Verizon deal this figure is possible.

In 2011 he believes that 44 million iPhones could be sold, however for these figures to come in there would have to be a Verizon deal, he believes that a Verzion deal alone could increase iPhone units sales by 8 million for 2011.

Without a Verizon deal Craig believes that 2011 could see around 35 million units sold, however if Verizon and other carriers are added this figure could be close to 55 million.

Source: Barron’s

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  • blah

    I dont understand why Apple cant just sell with both providers. Make even more profit and the service wouldnt be horrible on AT&T. So the olnly thing is which provider do you want.

    • jeffrey

      Well there are many problems – first AT&T is a GSM network which is a worldwide standard (uses SIM cards), whereas Verizon is a CDMA (so is Sprint); therefore Apple would have to build a specific phone for the handful of companies on CDMA (handful considering the global mkt). If you remember in the beginning (pre 2007 pre iPhone ever being heard of) Apple approached Verizon first and Verizon declined. I don't, of course, know the inside reasons but I know that because the iPhone was so revolutionary that it required some customization of the network – my guess is that Verizon was not willing to kowtow to Apple's needs. AT&T apparently rolled out the red carpet for Apple. I find it more amusing that when the iPhone was introduced that many analyst, tech pundits, and a majority of IT folks predicted it's failure, that it is nothing more than a toy. IT raised objections to its lack of MSFT push support and no SDK… it will never be accepted by the business world. Well we all know the reality now…
      I think CDMA version would be great but I feel that Apple knows what their doing, so what will be, will be. I personally, have been happy with ATT in my area – we previously had SPRINT, so probably a soup can with a string would have been an improvement.

  • Emilio

    I'm sorry but for me that would be great if Verizon will start to sell the Iphone 4g. I really don't wanna switch providers to just get an iphone. Esp when the provider (at&T) is a network I am don't wanna be under. So please let Verizon sell the iphone 4g

  • Guest

    Well we all know Verizon will never get the phone, well, not anytime soon. Many people should know that Verizon & Apple do not go along too well in terms of corporate agreement. I agree that an Iphone on the Verizon network would boost sales figures out the roof as their network is stupendously awesome. We cannot make any claims until the Iphone comes out this year.