Toyota’s 2010 Recall For Gas Pedal: Problems with fix

By Peter Chubb - Mar 5, 2010

Toyota on a number of occasions have tried to convince us that they have the current gas pedal recall under control, just last week the Japanese automakers tried to assure U.S. lawmakers that they were working on the fix that has affected more than 8 million cars.

However, there seems to be problems with the current fix as some Toyota owners said that their vehicles have accelerated for no reason after the so-called fix from dealers. The Epoch Times reports that a number of complaints have now been filed with federal regulators.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received more than 10 complaints last week, this has now sparked off an investigation by regulators. It is not known if this new problem is something to do with the computer system that controls the throttle or a mechanical issue.

This is certainly bad timing for Toyota, they had hoped to rebuild its reputation that has been damaged by this huge amount of recalls, and this latest news could do irreversible damage. Although we have to remember that sales of the Prius Hybrid have not been affected and is still the top selling gas-electric vehicle, which we reported in a recent post.

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