Sony PS3 outage period was mostly spent on ‘sexy time’

By Alan Ng - Mar 5, 2010

Ah, so this is what the rest of you were doing when you were not complaining on gaming forums about Sony’s recent Playstation Network outage. A recent survey has concluded that the majority of time during the outage was spent getting fruity with their partners.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, the survey comes from, in which 2400 males were asked what they got up to during the downtime.

Choices included taking your partner out for dinner (9%), Sleeping or watching TV (3%) or doing other things (2%). That means that a whopping 86% of those males admitted that they were getting busy under the covers during the PS3 downtime.

If you missed the whole thing when it occurred on Monday, check out our previous report here. Let us know what you think about the survey results.

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  • Mark

    A similar survey was conducted when Xbox Live went down for 10 days over Xmas last year, and it concluded that 99% of Xbox owners spent their time with pam and her five sisters..

    The other 1% spent it with their gay lovers…