New Xbox 360 and PS3 Title Today

By Peter Chubb - Mar 5, 2010

Today is certainly a big day for gamers, we know that Sony will announce a new game for the PS3, but Microsoft have plans for a new title for the Xbox 360 as well. What these titles are we do not know, but you can be certain that they will be a big deal.

According to Entertainment Benelux the announcement of the Sony PlayStation game will be announced at 20:00 GMT, this would mean that Sony have announced two games in one week. Once we know the title we will inform you.

As for the Xbox 360, we know that the Xbox Special Mission Division has managed to secure a new title; we just do not know what that title is yet. We do know that the new game will features robots, but we do not know much else. For more on this visit

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