New iPhone App Update: WritePad 3.1 Released

By Gary Johnson - Mar 5, 2010

Today saw the launch of WritePad 3.1 for iPhone and the iPod Touch. Developed by California based PhatWare corporation, this app is a text editor that includes an advanced handwriting recognition software for text entry.

WritePad 3.1 recognizes cursive, print, and mixed handwriting styles. To enter text users can simply write with their finger on the iPhone screen, using the persons own handwriting style.

The built in HTTP server allows users to exchange WritePad documents between two or more iPhone devices, and to download files onto a pc or laptop using the Internet browser. The app also has the ability to translate documents into 13 supported languages using the Bing Translator Interface.

Some of the new features include: New spell checker options, which include the option to ignore words containing numbers and in uppercase, new option to hide toolbar in landscape screen orientation, and recognition of some special characters in international mode.

WritePad 3.1 is priced at $1.99-exclusively through the App Store, for users of iPhone/iPod Touch with OS 3.0 or later.

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