New iPhone 4G concept and TouchLamp dock

By Peter Chubb - Mar 5, 2010

There are so many iPhone 4G concept smartphones on the Internet at the moment, but could this be one of them? There is something very different about this one though as it comes with a Touchlamp dock as well. We have to say that the two complement each other well.

Phones Review came across ADR Studio concept while visiting Mobile Mag, and they inform us that the LED lamp can be controlled by your iPhone. We wonder why they have not used the current iPhone 3GS in the image, maybe they know something new is coming, but we very much doubt it.

All you have to do is dock your iPhone into the lamp device and then select what color you want to light the room. We are not sure if there are any plans to launch the iPhone lamp, but we hope they do, as it will offer ambient light at night making it ideal for reading.

For a video below, let us know if you want to see this iPhone accessory released.

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  • iPhone 4 still a very nice phone despite its antena problem. I’ve got my new case yesterday