Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Release announcement coming before E3 2010?

By Alan Ng - Mar 5, 2010

Looks like the pre-big reveals before E3 this year have already started. One industry analyst thinks that Rockstar will drop the bomb on Grand Theft Auto V before E3 kicks off in June.

As reported from Eurogamer, that analyst is Mike Hickey, who believes that Rockstar will not be bringing anything to the table at the event itself this year.

Instead, he thinks GTA V will be announced before hand, via a separate press event. Whos to argue with Rockstar if they do decide to go down this route – Grand Theft Auto is surely one of the industry’s hottest properties these days.

Finally, Hickey also thinks that the next version of GTA will outsell GTA IV too. Anything else Mike? Let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • AnOnYmOuS

    agree with Jimmy. fly to all other places + another place

  • Jatt

    saleo 2010 ta lng giya

  • Jimmy.

    I think they should make a GTA where you can go to ALL of the previous places from the GTA series. Whether that be San Andreas, or Vice City, or Liberty City. You should be able to take a plane and go to those places.

  • hom3r

    i hope you can fly planes through buildings not crah 'em but actually fly 'em THROUGH the buildings! lol

  • Jaylen

    they should let you mod your cars 😉

  • anthony

    yeah i hope this new one is going to be SICK!!!

  • Darian

    I think gta 5 should have the customization of saints row but not as bad of a game and should include san andreas, liberty city and vice city where you can just fly or boat to the other islands and definatly more wepaons some original, classic, creative, old, modern eg: tommy gun, flamethrowers, bazookas, m16, ak47, etc on top of the ones in the previous games and more importantly make planes available and destuctable eniviroment good graphics, and you should be able to go in nearly all buildings/houses

  • Dec

    The next gta has to have a map as big as san andreas or a lot of people will be dissapointed and it needs to be in modern times we ve had the 70s and 80s its been done,I think they will make it huge though because this could be the last gta on this generation if it comes out this generation.

  • ivan

    CHICAGO PLEASE, based in the 1970s. from gangland to political stuff…

  • clantok

    it should be in mason county

  • i hope that gta v five will be coming in 2011
    just tell me what do you think?

  • Curtis <3

    I hope GTA V Release soon, cuz l love rockstar <3 GTA IV was good, but it was like u had to run all over the country just to earn a few box I hope the new one is better, and with more missions to do, and harder ones 😛


    I really woud like if they make it in either SA or vice city, there both great, and take place in the middle 70`s? with more Airplanes, MC`s, cars, guns, clothing, and lik a hardcore rock n rolla wibe too it? the story coud be about "the main charachter" is an american vietnam veteran maby? how he and hes smuggling-crew smuggling cocaine from Colombia too vice city and he gets shoot, and ends up in the hospital, were he escapes from the police, and on the run he tries too find the ones who tried too kill him, with hes scared army buddy phill cassady?:) i dont no, coud be fun.

  • TKTakaishi

    GTA V has to be close to GTA SA.
    GTA SA was the biggest hit of all times.
    I want to be able to customize cars, but most of all i want to be able to fly airplanes. they also need a map as big as GTA SA or BIGGER.
    IF they made the new GTA V with Customizing cars from Midnight club 3 and story line from gta sa.
    Or just GTA SA with multiplayer and bad ass graphics i can say they will nock all games back to 2000.
    Plus Everyone on peoples friends list on XBOX 360 and PS3 would be playing the new GTA V for months and even years.

  • Tom

    If they made a bigger, more realistic Los Santos sort of like they did with Liberty City in GTA 4, that would be sick. Los Santos in SA kinda sucked, the map wasn't realistic at all. It kind of was, but it really did the city of LA no justice. They could make it so you could customize your guy, which would mean the story would be fairly generic.

  • Mikey gta v

    They sud make another gta but with more cars and a beta stirrings with a huge twist and more missions

  • Matty chall

    they should just make a game that is like a b4 of what happened in GTA SA

  • Jamie Salisbury

    They should let you play as a chick in the next game, maybe in an expansion like the ones for GTA IV. They should add some more fun cheats, like the jet-pack (but only as a cheat so it doesn't ruin the game's story), the riot cheats, flying cars… some REAL music like vice city and San Andreas. Or maybe even a real streaming radio for the people who have online. And of course PLANES!

  • Niggarochi

    Nigga gta v will be in vice city in a hint in the add on gta TBOGT the rock station not lchc says im tired of liberty city lets take it back to vice city theres a hint 4 you dumbasses out there

  • tay

    i think grand theft auto 5 should be somewhere like georgia and you could travel to different states like fla and la.keep the concept of san andreas so you can work out customize your cars and your character. make it so you can enter every building and the grand theft should involve the police a little more they should try to arrest you for walking down the street with a grenade

    • Tom


  • 249SawFire

    truth be told if they do make 5 i hope they grow a brain top do so… why go all the way to San Andreas just to take it all away… i want my city, my back woods , my desert, my forest, my planes, train, bikes, jetpack, tracktors, combines, parrachutes , gyms, clothes, mod shops . if fact i want a larger terrain, more more more … animals, ballons, mini bikes, go karts, four wheelers, jet skies… you want to make GTA the best game EVER … MAKE IT REAL!!!!! AND FOR THE RECORD GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 WAS A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. WORST GTA EVER!!! sorry to say it but it had to be said.

  • GameLover

    I like GTA 4, but I thought if they make a GTA 5, they need to design a better guy! I like the workout idea in San Andreas, but I do like the clothing in GTA 4, but it needs to be better! More choice, realistic please! I mean who goes around wearing the goddamn track top all the time?? where are the hoodies? and IDK, Niko doesn't seem like the type of guys that can ever get anywhere close to the top, maybe GTA 5 should make him actually become really really powerful but still have to work for connections, if you know what i mean. these types of games, the longer, the better. And what the hell is up with the Russians? we don't see russians around las vegas know do we?? But whatever, I just hope it can IMPROVE what they have on GTA 4, it's a good game, but, gotta say, not quite the best yet.

  • jack

    gta v should have a character called derek nellson.

  • lewis davies

    the best gta game ever was san andreas,there was so much you could do and the story line was amazing,every time i completed a mission i couldnt wait for the next one to see where i end up next or who would double cross me next,some awsome twists and shocking revalations,thats what a game should deliver,in the new gta,s you just know whats coming next.crap.

  • Kevlar

    As much as I liked Vice City and San Andreas I have no interest in going back to a city I have already spent an entire game in. We've done Liberty City twice now, I don't want to keep cycling through the VC and SA with different stories over and over and over again. All I can really hope for is that Rockstar learns from what worked well and what didn't and just implements that into a brand new setting, perhaps a Hollywood sort of deal.

    I always though it would be wicked to have a game GTA game set in a Hollywood like city complete with celebrity parties, cocain, overdosing actors, slutty wannabe actresses, sleazy movie directors/producers, etc.

    That or a GTA game where you play as a dirty cop. Nothing cooler than playing as a cold hearted killer with bad morals and a badge.

  • ALK

    I would love for gta5 to be more personal….like having a family that actually is some what involved in the game and you control some of their actions. Or when in the internet cafe u can talk to more people on the chat and possibly get married and live with that person. Also more things to do like drive a plane or be a bus driver or cop…something that can make you a little more extra money that isn't killing somebody….just simple stuff like that….i want to customize my house, car, clothes, hair, tattoos. creating your own person would be real cool. If mafia 2 can do it so can gta5 and keep the game in AMERICA.

  • gvgvg

    they should mak e it in san andreas or vice city but with all those awsome cheats. u should fly lanes and huge tanks and stuff. thatbwould be awsome

  • Boocoo



    Combine gta 3, San Andreas, and Vice city together.. with today's realistic graphics.. what i mean by that is not to remake those games, I'm saying Grand theft auto 5.. gta 3 and Vice city's story styles.. but you get to call the shots for once.. make it up to being the boss.. Vice city had the right idea but they kinda ended it with a mansion with pizza and cigars laying everywhere.. Your the boss.. you run the shots.. tell your men what to do.. do favors to gain favors.. gain control of the city.. and it should have San Andreas options and creativity.. customize your own guy to a point.. i'm fine with being given a name to follow the story line.. i hate when npc's don't say your name in games!.. but you get to customize what he looks like.. you get to customize cars.. your safe houses.. we need a bigger arsenal of weapons.. Vice city had the right idea in that department.. bring back the mini gun maybe a jet pack like in San Andreas that was really useful.. use these ideas and you got yourself one hell of a game thats for sure..

  • brandon b

    i have to agree with tyler every thing i was thinking he posted,gta san andreas is by far the best game i have ever played in my entire life,they shouldnt 4get about the real south like texas ,that would big talkin tuner cars,ol skools big rims sound systems that actually has bass thats bad ass.tattoos,haircuts,shit load of clothing stores bcaz niko looked very stupid,i think we should pick between wat race u are.the story line was very fun an funny for gta san andreas ,keep the television and car wash,comedy club,clubs add actually doing time in jail,and buy a shit load of houses with garage space.i think it just should be a cross with sa and liberty then rock star will make$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


    San Andreas was the best make a remake

  • REE

    to add to my comment the soundtrack is very important when im riding around so if it is Vice City 2 you have to have the banging R&B oldschool

  • REE

    Hands down for me GTA SAN ANDREAS was the best but I think the need to follow the release of games so next it is only right to have GTA Vice City which was the bomb soundtrack was amazing I still have it and play everyday but I agree with some if the game is gonna be bigger then R* needs take there time in making sure everything is added into the game to get the full fill of it, one thing I would hate to see left out is the cheats RIOT and CHAOS was my 2 favorite cheats R* it's no game with out these cheats I finish the story line then cause havick in the city


    I think GTA5 should be more cusomizable than GTA4 and it should be Modern Time, Land like SA and more guns, I like the internet cafee and the shops but rockstar should add more too them. you should be able to make your own houses and maybe a second job other than killing drug dealers and cyco paths.

  • DAVE!

    Would be amazing if it was set in London, Liverpool or Manchester (England). Past few GTA's have been America based and it's a different mentality over here with the things GTA includes. Plus the variety of social groups in England and the ethnicity would add to the experience. Not just saying all this because I'm English, I just think it would be incredible. The different assortment of cars aswell… European Tuners, disposable Hatchbacks, Sports cars, old classics etc. etc. Plus an on foot police chase through the bushy alleys and the industrial side of England would be epic.

  • silverbri

    oh and a lot more clothing shops to go to and more buildings tht u can go into and also have a choice with girls

  • silverbri

    next GTA should be in london,but we should have a better looking character n be in his 20's to play no more ugly ones.would be fun to own your own nightclubs and do whatever you want explore more and whatever else tht would be fun

  • Gta 5 should be Brilliant!!!!! I Loved San Andreas And Gta Iv. I Think Gta 5 will need more customizing options such as Clothes, Buy Houses and Real Cars Like Mercs, Bugatti Zonda, Lambo,Vauxhall,Nissan and Porsche. More Shops Like Pro Laps in Gta Sa and like garages for cars. Make it in a real city like Paris,Berlin,Rome or places like the uk which has forests.Maybe Go On Holiday To like change city like go to the Usa or asia,ocenia or africa. Maybe there should be kids in the street and so you need to look after them, The Last Thing Is That you go to Football or Baseball Rugby Tennis Matches.There should also be big train stations and bus stations with Cinemas Thats All.

    P.S. If This Was To Be In Gta 5 It Would Be The Best Game Ever

    • realistic person

      you just want a place to live your second life.

  • Chrissy Reid

    I think gta 5 should be like u can design and make your own houses and cars and make your very own characters and there shouldnt be missions and you get every island at the start of the game and there will be customizeing car shops and make and design your own character and homes.

    • Gabluna

      dude… that game already exist. It's called The Sims!!!

      • Zilly

        i was just about to write that but you beat me to it!! hhahahaha

    • GameLover

      haha what they heck? it's kinda like an improved version of SIMS….but I like the idea of actually be able to own stuffs, and house i mean, GTA 4 lacks that, i don't really care about cars since it's Grand Theft Auto. But in my opinion they should take time to do GTA 5, it's the quality that will matter. Don't be like Mafia 2, the trailer seems hecka cool, story was really good, but the game overall just sucked really bad, i enjoyed GTA 4 but a few improvements can make it way better, like, let just start with how the main guy looks (his fat belly really bugs me) haha

    • TKTakaishi

      Sounds to me like the game Saints row 2.
      The type of game they need to make is like real life where you can go into every house and travel to different countrys.

      • David Banks

        well i agree on that on m8

  • Opkl

    I liked the internet cafes in GTA IV.

  • shaolin cowboy

    plus, to my last comment.
    a 3D version of GTA2 would be the most realistic choice because …
    we have gone through NY twice now, Vice City and San Andreas which all were the three original levels of the very first GTA … so following should be GTA2 … or GTA London 1969 (which would also be cool with MODs n Rockers).

  • shaolin cowboy

    i guess i am the only one here who wishes for a 3D version of GTA2?
    i just loved the retro futuristic design of the cars and city. also that you could tune your car with machineguns, mines, oilspurts aso.
    has anybody of you read the comicbook HARD BOILED by Frank Miller & Geof Darrow? its full of such retro styled cars (some also with weapons build in like in GTA2) and yesm very violent and many cars in GTA2 look just like in the comic … and i bet this comic was also inspirations for GTA2. so being a fan of that comic, GTA2 and general retro styled stuff looking like movies such as BRAZIL … id like to see a great fucked up pseudo futuristic GTA 5 which just could go a totally new way for once!
    for example check out this guys art … … he doesnt work for rockstar games but i wish he would because his cars would be prefect for a 3D version of GTA2! just imagine these cars, with stuff of GTA2 and some hardboiled comic stuff from frank miller …. for me a wet dream com true hahaha ;D

  • Swaggar

    To be honest, I'd love to see some more Vice City, with a blend of the commedy from GTA IV (such as Weazel News or Lazlow on Integrity) and features of San Andreas.

    And can we please stop having a go at GTA IV saying how shit it is? oh welll f me foley!!! we cant change hair thats a huge set back aye lads. Forget the story of GTA IV and explore the environment, thats the true star of GTA IV, not the deep story of Niko.

  • Confidence-Killa

    i think in GTA V,there should be a mission with cylde from gta III

  • Charlie

    Grand Theft Auto V: Return To Vice City! We could play as the main character from GTA: The Ballad Of Gay Tony and be the Manager of the New Malibu Club from the original Vice! (Just a Thought Rockstar!) Vice was the best storyline! They should try and bring back Tony too!

  • Chase

    I hate the idea of a GTA: London! Tht would be EXTREMELY SIMILAR to "The Getaway". I would like to see GTA return to Vice City! Tht was the best game of the series. Had a great storyline and great characters!

  • Jeremy

    I cannot wait for the next GTA. A lot of the fans wish for the size that San Andreas had to offer, which was completely stunning by the way, but how long did it take for Rockstar to develope it? I’m not sure if the size of the game affects the time that it is actually to hit stores or not, but if it doesn wouldn’t all of you hope that they don’t make another one that big? I actually wouldn’t mind another GTA with the same size of map that GTA IV had to offer. Liberty City came a long way since GTA 3, wouldn’t ya’ll agree? The city was incredible, with all the details and pedestrians running around. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be mind-blowing to have another GTA with that much capacity, but I don’t want to wait another year or so to play it, know where I’m coming from? I really hope they take their time with it and make it 30x better than GTA IV, but not too much time. I’m ready for a new city to run chaotic in, ready for another person’s story to be told, ready for GTA V. Please Rockstar, make it the best ever.(:

    • steve

      i agree with u i want a big map but not so big that it takes forever to complete it. gta san andreas was my favorite so far, rockstar should model the gameplay of gta 5 after that of san andreas with all of the costumizing options. i loved how san andreas played like an rpg. that is how gta should be. gta 4 lacked costumizalbity, or features, like the ability to fly planes. helicopters r cool but i'd like to be able to fly a jet every once in a while. rockstar realy needs to create split screen multiplayer!!! i dont get y they havent; they got close with san andreas, but it wasnt perfect. maybe i want to play multiplayer on gta when im with a friend and not have to go online or use a system link. (i own an xbox 360) if gta 5 has the size, and costum options of san andreas with splitscreen multiplayer i will be happy…

  • Bates89

    i think that all of the gta series is amazing, they are so addictive and never get old. i think gta 5 if it ever comes to production should have the same sort of format as San Andreas, there was so much variety, and the ability to customise your character, and the cars you drive. although the story was a little farfetched the whole concept of it was a great idea of developing your character into the kingpin of the city. the best thing to do for the new game is to link all the existing concepts together and have the ability to roam across, liberty, vice and san andreas
    Lets hope GTA 5 will be the game of the year on release and no disappointments.

  • freeland04

    they should remake vice city or san andreas graphics wise, that would be sweet cause i loved the vice city story the best!

  • Stevie D LUFC

    I absolutely loved playing San Andreas. Really, reallty great memories from playing every level. Another game like that for V and the game would suit me right down to the ground. The countryside, the soundtrack, the other stuff such as haircuts, the massive, massive city with everything (Las Vegas etc)
    This coupled with better graphics would surely make for Game of the Year

  • Apis4

    SA was by far the single best game ever, all the extras were NOT gimmicks, they where immersive and added some depth, I still play SA, nothing come close, a GTA V set just in ANY city would suck, make amssive expansive world pushing the limits of the hardware and software like SA, give us massive vehicle selection, and give us more, succuba gear for under water, customised aircraft, more quirky vehicles like Hovercraft, and unlimited car sales, onlu thing which left SA down was the 'Wish list' sure have it.. but then let someone sell any cars there after for half the money, let people sell Govt./Emergency vehicles, more helicopters and planes, and flying missions in general, more racing..make it an unlimited ganster life after the main missions, in world wheere theres always trouble.. make it SA, with all those things people who loved SA wanted but didnt have, make a save in garage option 'for money' insurance policy type deal, where if you save and pay some money for a car or bike or anything else in your garage/hanger.. you can drive it, loose it, or blow it up, and it will be back as good as new in that particular garage.. **** Movie like story lines.. go for immessive lifestyle.

    • Jeremy

      You must have loved the Saints Row series. I did too. But, you’re blowing it right out of porportion here. The GTA storylines, are one of the MAIN reasons it sells so good-like. Rockstar would be de-grading theirselves if they stopped the ‘movie-like storylines’. I understand where you’re coming from with the vehicles, but hovercraft? Unless the storyline was set in 2055, I wouldn’t wanna see no hovercraft. My opinion on the vehicles though, I wish they would stop making fake cars. Sure, they get two cars, compound them and give them a new name, that’s great. Like the Infernus from GTA IV. The rear was from a Pagani Zonda and the front was from a Lamborghini Murciélago. But what about just a regular Zonda or a stock Lambo, including the real names. That would be stunning; they should definitely add a whole BUNCH of new cars though and bring back the customization. You have a good imagination, but it sounds like you’re trying to take Rockstar from it’s roots. They are doing perfect. They just need more variety, like you said. And even a better graphics-system.

  • Tyler

    I love the GTA series so far. I hope GTA V, has more customize options. For example: Character Customization (Hair Cuts, Tattoo's, etc. – Like San Andrea's.) I also think it would be a lot more realistic if you could enter more buildings. The air planes in San Andrea's was awesome – It also helped make some interesting missions, plus you had to earn your pilots license which I though was fun. If I was to choose the next GTA location, I wouldn't mind having another "San Andrea's" type game. Of course, better graphics! But in a modern time (2010/2011). The cities & country side was nice. [ I don't know about you all but another separate game that I'm sure Rockstar Games could achieve is making a 'Police' game. Instead of being the badguy all the time, how about switching roles for once? Be a cop, do investigations, go on patrol & pull over people, etc. All the regular cop work! – I think it would make an interesting game! ]. Anyhow, back to the main topic, no matter what, Rockstar Games will release an awesome game, GTA V. No matter where they decide the next game will be taken place.

    • lyrix

      play the true crime series if you want a gta police game

  • Tone

    GTA IV is next to Liberty City Stories as one of my least favorite GTA games. I loved Vice City it kept me interested, but Niko? Hell no dude was extra depressing for me. The graphics are great, the city was beautiful but I hated the story. I guess it was just too dark for me, just my opinion. Vice City was excessive and beautiful, thats my favorite GTA hands down…….Miami, Cocaine, and the 1980's it gets no better lol. My ranks….

    1. Vice City
    2. Vice City Stories
    3. GTA III
    4. San Andreas
    5. IV
    6. Liberty City Stories

    ….haven't played Lost and Damned or Ballad of Gay Tony yet (PS3 owner)

  • Matt Jack

    Im not fussed really where its set just as long as its more like GTA:SA Then GTA:IV or just a decent middle ground like someone else said. GTA:IV with enviroment differences, car modding lol and being able to change physically, AND GO UNDERWATER !!! lol

  • Älex2509

    I hope its played another time in San andreas i love this land x3 😀

  • Lee

    Should be set in London or manchester (my town) with Vinnie Jones as the main character classic! lol

    • That would be emotional, Lee.

  • aaaa

    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas 2 ?

  • James

    GTA IV is definitely the slickest outing for the series so far, but it has left out, a lot of the cool extras from SA i.e haircuts, car modifying, cops on bikes, the army, gang warfare etc etc. I never really warmed to the character of Niko Bellic. The very first game was a straight up gangster blood fest. Adding the morale dilemmas to Niko's character bores me a bit. On one side he's blowing heads off on the other he's crying about it. Disagree with ya though Ryan, thought the old GTA London add on was pretty cool and there's definitely a whole new world of gangsters to explore in 60's London, if they ever revisit it. Anyway, can't wait for the new installment, best game ever made!

    • Brandon

      james i would have to disagree on that london is just nott fit for "Rockstarr North'' i think it gta 5 should be like a new map but similiar to SA ,but a different town or something and i think they should bring back Cj and gangs as well…!!


      Do you know when they are talking about possibably going to realeasing GTA 5..???

  • BitchBoy

    My favorite GTA game was Vice City by far. I loved the main character with Ray Liotta as the voiceover. I loved the lights on the tower that were in the shape of a big cock when the time struck a certain hour. The soundtrack was the best of it all. I have most of the Vice City songs on my Ipod.

    It's sad though because after playing GTA 4 I can't play Vice City anymore simply because I get distracted by how bad the graphics were in that game compared to GTA 4. I didn't like the story in GTA 4, I hated the lead character (why a character from a foreign country?) and despised the soundtrack (go back to classic songs, not indie crap). The thing I hated most about GTA 4 was the overall lack of gangs. Most of that game should have been based on New York's rich history of the Italian mafia. I only recall 2 or 3 missions based on the mafia.

    Graphics in the last generation GTA games make me dizzy and give me headaches. I truly hope the next game is a remake of Vice City. I'll be highly upset if it's based in London or outside of the United States. Auto theft is an American past time!

    • Ryan

      Even though Rockstar is an English company? But you're right if it was based in London it will be rubbish lol

      • Lewis

        Actually Rockstar is a Scottish company.

        • Jack

          Rockstar North may be based in Edinburgh, but going as far to say Rockstar is a Scottish company is grasping for false national pride. The founders of Rockstar are English, and their founding headquarters are in New York.

          Agreed with Ryan though. Keep GTA US based.

        • Alec

          DMA design was a Scottish company, they are now called Rockstar North, part of the Rockstar group. Therefor the creators of the GTA series is a Socttish company. Don't believe it? Check out all the Scottish references in the games. Rangers/Scotland players names on registration plates in an earlier game is a good example. And BAWSAQ…Scottish indeed.

          But yeah, GTA V: SA ftw

  • Ryan

    I loved GTA IV, but I wouldnt class it as GTA, just a different game altogether. I still think GTA: SA is the best one to date, just because it was so fun, I still play the ps2 version because I love it so much. Plus you could really change ur character, haircuts, clothing, muscle. It had great soundtracks, and lots of variety. One thing I guess why GTA:IV wasn't fun is because you are in a city thats it, no forests, suburbs, deserts, hick towns. Like GTA:SA had all of this plus las vegas, and other big cities and forests. It was just so fun. I think people prefer to play as a gangsta black dude than a rubbish non likeable polish guy, not once does he strike me as a killer, i prefer gang wars and the ghetto aspect, if they make it like GTA: IV and SA it will be the best game ever, in fact just make CJ as another character in SA no one will be unhappy I think CJ is everyones favourite GTA gangsta

    • gta IV

      no…little jacob is

    • simp

      i liked san andreas but i hated the gangsta side of the the game, gta is mean not be the mafia not gangsta shit

    • colin

      Hands down you are the smartest person on here. I compleeeetely agree with everything you said.

    • jonay

      i loved GTA SA and GTA IV.You're right.

    • topz


  • yousx

    poor little bert fw got to excited and put down give my a copy lol

    • guy

      yea i can wait gta is the best game you can ever have but gta Iv was pretty sucky

  • bert frew

    please please please please please make a new one gta 4 is the best game in the world
    i will give you £1,000 right now if u give my a copy lol

    • Mr.Gruntty


  • Dicko

    i do share stevo's love for this game. at the same time i dont want to start suggesting that professional publications know what is good and what isnt. lets just say that ballad of gay tony was the game many people wanted instead of IV. it needs the fun factor that is true. i just look forward to a better lookin game with more variety, that engine is very out of date.

  • bunta

    lets hope watever they do they make a decent game that you dont hav to run all over the place keeping idiots happy. the last game was a farce. hopefully this is a return to form for rockstar cause i loved the old gta's

    • Ahh..GTA – London…you've brought it all back 🙂

    • stevo56

      GTA IV was superb. It is the most beautifully realised and consistent world ever created in a game. It felt real. Ghe characters were fantastic also. i can replay this game just like a favourite movie. The ghame set a new bencm mark in immersion and audio as well as creating an artistic masterpiece. The city was so fantastic that it feels just as fresh when playing with the different characters that you control in the DLC.

      It is the highest average scoring game ever reviewed so therefore the most criticaly acclaimed -see metacritic).

      Anyone who decides to pick out the small nit picky negatives (and for the record you dont have to spend time with friends in the game) are very narrow minded.

      'Hopefully this is a return to form'. just because you had more silly little side quests in previous GTAs doesnt make them better. These were intentially left out to add to the sense of realism in the world and in the charcters. Some people simply 'dont get' this game. Thankfully the millions who have acclaimed it included all the professional publications do. 🙂

    • firma

      fuck you the last game rocked. your a farce idiot. all of the games have been like that so go play final fantasy prick

    • Bingo

      Yeah the gta games are good but why haven’t they made another vice city