Google Earth’s New Tour: Marine Scientists

By Jamie Pert - Mar 5, 2010

If you are or have ever wanted to be a marine scientist you may want to check out a new Google Earth tour added by Pew Environment Group, this tour allows you to put on your virtual scuba gear and join the group on their adventures.

The tours are apparently narrated by actress and philanthropist Isabella Rossellini, over the next few years Pew Marine Fellows: Daniel J. Conley, Omar Defeo, Beth Fulton, Peter Mumby, and Ben Sullivan will be keep you up to date with their research-based marine conservation project.

Each of the above mentioned Fellows will receive $150,000 to “to conduct an innovative three-year project designed to protect global ocean ecosystems and marine life”

Fancy viewing one of the Google Earth tours? If so check out this link, the tours is quite bandwidth intensive however a great resource for those of you interested in the subject matter.

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