Google Earth: Tracking the needs of earthquake survivors

By Peter Chubb - Mar 5, 2010

When the devastating earthquakes hit Haiti they were using Google Earth to learn where the worst affected areas were. Now that same software is being used for good once again, as aid workers are using it to locate survivors in their hundreds by finding makeshift camps that have been set up.

This new technique if successful will be used in future emergencies, so nice to know that Google software is used for good for a change. According to the Guardian these relief teams open up the Google Earth program and then upload the latest information about water, food, movement of the population as well as what shelter they have. This gives them an instant snapshot for those working on the ground.

All this information is then added to, as you can see there are links to 414 settlement camps, most of these are just cities made from just tents. It is thought that this is home to more than 600,000 earthquake survivors that devastated Haiti on January 12.

For full details on how Google Earth is being put to good use visit the Guardian.

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