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Final Fantasy XIII: Possibly Better on Xbox 360 then PS3?

Well here is a potentially controversial post for you, if you have ever heard of Metacritic you will probably know that they collate reputable reviews and then average out the games scores, which then give you a metascore, this is a very accurate way of seeing how a game is rated by many different sources.

Currently the Xbox 360 version has a metascore of 83 whereas the PS3 version has a metascore of 82, this means that on average the Xbox 360 version has so far been reviewed more favorably then the PS3 version.

That said metacritic’s PS3 metascore is based on 26 critic reviews, whereas metacritic’s Xbox 360 metascore is only based on 11 critic reviews, so chances are things will even out when more Xbox 360 reviews are added.

Some critics such as GamesRadar, VandalOnline, ComputerandVideoGames and 1UP have scored both versions equally for both consoles, if Metascore add more reviews for both versions of the game we will do a follow up and keep you up-to-date.

Source: Metacritic



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