Apple iPhone success leads to Verizon-Microsoft partnership

By Peter Chubb - Mar 5, 2010

We might not have a Verizon iPhone just yet but we will be getting a Verizon Wireless Microsoft phone, thanks to a new partnership between the two companies. The largest wireless carrier in the U.S and the software giant are to launch two new smartphones in May or June and will be aimed at the healthy teenager market.

As these two handsets will cater for teenagers it comes as no surprise that they will have access to social-networking sites. According to Business Week the plans are yet to be made public, but they did talk to someone close to the new deal.

The source says that the handsets will be made by Sharp and will carry the Verizon and Microsoft logos. This latest move is much the same as Google has with its Nexus One with the joining of an OS developer, a hardware supplier and then a network carrier.

Microsoft is hoping to get back a large share of the market that it has lost in recent years to the likes of the iPhone and the new boy on the block, Android. Microsoft also hopes that the launch of Window 7 Phone will help to revive its once popular cell phone market.

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