2010 Mobile Growth: Social Networking Statistics

By Jamie Pert - Mar 5, 2010

Statistics regarding social networking services being accessed via mobile phones have recently been posted on OnlineSocialMedia, the growth over the last year has been huge for Facebook and Twitter, however not so good for MySpace.

The figures originally posted on Mashable are quite hard to understand however they do show that mobile phone access to Facebook has grown by 112 percent in one year.

The growth for mobile phone access to Twitter is even more impressive, compared to last year’s figures demand has gone up by 337 percent.

It has been a disappointing year for MySpace, as despite 2009 being a great year for smartphones and mobile data networking they saw a 7 percent decline.

All of the figures above are statistics gained from mobile browsers, therefore if you take into account Facebook and Twitter mobile applications the figures are probably even more impressive.

What do you feel MySpace need to do to improve its popularity?

Source: OnlineSocialMedia

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