Vivaldi Birthday: Doodle and Biography

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

Today, March 4 would have been the birthday of the great musician Antonio Vivaldi, and Google are celebrating his 332nd birthday by way of a Doodle on their homepage. There are many ways in which you can measure that you have made it, but none more so than featuring as an image on the main page of the most popular search engine.

Born Antonio Lucio Vivaldi on March 4, 1678, he passed away on July 28, 1741. Many would have known him for being a composer and violinist, but he was also a Venetian priest. Vivaldi had a long career; although he was a great musician there were those who thought that he was an idiot.

While at the height of his successful career he received commissions from European nobles and royalty. One of his most famous pieces, “wedding cantata Gloria e Imeneo (RV 687)” was actually written for the marriage of Louis XV.

It does seem strange that Vivaldi is now getting more recognition for his work now that he is dead, but that is the digital age for you. For more details on his biography visit Wikipedia.

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  • My lovely girl

    good job google, what a fantastic way to remember Antonio