Palm WebOS 1.4 Update Released: Full Features

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

We reported last week that Palm and Sprint were updating the Pre and Pixi handsets to webOS 1.4. The latest software update brings with it a number of improvements, and helps to make the phones much better than they were before. Only time will tell just how good.

Black Web 2.0 reports that the install takes around ten minutes from download to install, which seems like an age when waiting to test it out. There are a number of feature updates, with capture, edit, and share video taking center stage. The latest bunch of video editing tools is a welcome edition, making it much easier to shoot and edit videos that you have recorded.

The Pre is the only handset to benefit from Flash 10; those with the Pixi will have to wait until the next update. Other features that have been updated include Calendar, Email, Messaging and much more. You will also notice that battery performance has been improved; just with Apple could do the same with the iPhone.

For the full features of webOS 1.4 visit Palm.

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