New iPhone Apps: Doodle Blast trailer and making of game

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

In recent days you may have heard of something called Doodle Blast, since then we have managed to locate a trailer and making of the game which is available for the iPhone. So what is the game all about, it certainly makes us wonder looking at the images.

The guys behind the game were the same who developed Pop Fizz, and as you can see is all about a tank. They had this idea in their head about how cool it would be to have this tank that could have an endless amount of guns attached to it.

The fun part was turning that idea into a reality, as always it started off with a few sketches. So you have this animated tank, the clever part is that the guns are animated as well, which is pretty cool. Check out the trailer of Doodle Blast below.

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