New iPhone 4G: Take a photo and stretch it

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

There have been many renders of what the new Apple iPhone 4G will look like, but have you ever seen one that made you stop what you were doing and just laugh. Well this is just what happened when I came across this photo of the smartphone that has just been stretched.

We found this photo while visiting Phones Review, they understand that this image is just for fun but have asked their readers if they would like to see the new Apple iPhone look like this, I wonder what the answer was?

One thing is certain, the new iPhone 4G will not look like this and it may not even be called the 4G. We assume that Apple will call it this because it is the 4th generation, but there are a number of choices they could go with. Just hope it does not end up being a stupid name like they chose for the iPad.

What do you think Apple should call their new 2010 iPhone?

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