Lutz To Retire: General Motors (GM) Without Current Vice Chairman

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

Earlier today we reported that after a 47-year career in the auto industry, General Motors Vice Chairman – Bob Lutz – is to retire. How will GM perform once Lutz leaves on May 1, 2010?

Bob Lutz has helped make many changes to GM; this includes improving the vehicle lineup. He has also worked with other automakers during his career, which include Chevrolet, BMW, and Ford. This high-profile departure could mean many things for GM, a brand that has hit the headlines for bankruptcy recently.

Change is good in any business, but what could the retirement of such an experienced person as Bob Lutz mean for GM? The 78-year-old executive might not have had the fresh ideas that GM needs for future success, and Lutz’s role was reported to have diminished at GM over the last year.

General Motors without Bob Lutz. How much of an impact will his departure have on the automaker? Vote in the poll below.

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