iPhone 5G: Release for 4G wireless and Verizon

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

Apple will never comment on rumor, but it’s a sure bet that we will see a new iPhone in 2010, and that phone will be the iPhone 4G. Not to get this mistaken with 4G Wireless, we are talking the 4th-generation of Apple iPhone.

Phones Review is reporting that the 4G wireless chip will not be ready this year, and is rumored to release in 2011. If this superchip rumor turns out to be true, then it doesn’t mean there will be no new iPhone 4G – 4th-generation – for 2010, just not the faster wireless.

The 3G network is only starting to get improved coverage, so a 4G wireless network on Verizon or AT&T will take some time for decent expansion. So it seems pointless pushing 4G wireless phones in 2010.

There has also been rumors that AT&T will not lose their exclusivity in 2010, and may keep it until 2011 or at least get an extension, which was started by the Apple iPad being AT&T favored.

What do you think about the iPhone 5G – 5th-generation phone – being released with 4G wireless in 2011? And a possible delay to next year for a Verizon iPhone?

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  • jimbob

    duhhhhhhhh trevorrr….who cares where you work,dork

  • trevor

    i work for at&t and your all idiots! lol iphone 5g is being released in july of 2011 and will be on multiple networks including verizon

  • MIKE


  • Dumb Women

    @ Ashley……. I heard you have a friend who's on the inside, who says Verizon will for sure sell the iPhone this June… well it's July…

  • It’s actually just called the iPhone 4 so this name argument is dumb the g stands for nothing because there is no g.

  • genie

    i want to get the iphone 3g but since i heard the 4g is comin out should i wait and get the 4g or 3g?

  • Justin

    Might be called iPhone 3G X

  • printer273

    I give up on Apple ever making the IPhone for the Verizon Network, I am going to the Droid. How many complaints does Apple have to hear about the problems with AT&T before they look to go on Verizon? You know there are several million new customers for Apple if they make a change, how long must loyal Mac users wait? Apple has well built products, but the AT&T network makes the IPhone look bad with the dropped calls and weak service, wake up Apple and Verizon.

    • nohobear

      Agreed. I love the iphone, but have had it with AT&T. Android here I come. Within 3 months, the HTC Desire will debut. Just on hardware alone, it blows the iphone out of the water. Sadly, iphone had gotten stale. Mine will be retired to ipod accessory for my home stereo system. Goodbye AT&T. Will miss the itunes integration, but not the dropped calls.

  • !xen an idiot

    !xen——your an idiot. it is the 4th iphone so it is the 4th generation ie. 4G

    • YOU are the idiot

      "!xen an idiot "… You are the idiot. All the "3G, 4G" refers to the generation of the data networks. The original iPhone worked on EDGE (a slow data connection, you can call it 2G if you want to), iPhone 3G worked on the faster, third generation data network (hence the name "3G"), iPhone 3GS worked on the SAME 3G network (S stands for 'speed' 'cause of higher processing power) and the new iPhone (which by now is called iPhone 4; note the lack of a "G" in the name). Now… 4G, following the trend of 3G, refers to the newer version (or "Generation") of data processing networks.
      Understand? I don't really expect you to.

  • Jason

    Typically, and this is only based on previous product lines, Apple apply a two yearly major update. As such the 3gs is the 1st major update released in 2009, so by that reckoning there will only be a minor incremental upgrade in 2010 and the biggy will be arriving in 2011, this is only my opinion though ;-). In 2010 I'm guessing the release will include a slightly better camera, with the majority of the changes being applied by the new operating system. In 2011 though I'm guessing something much more shiny and exciting, ooh, can I wait? ..Err of course, I'm on a 24 month contract 🙁

  • Ashley

    As far as the rumors of Verizon carrying the iPhone in 2010, I have an insider friend who knows for sure that Verizon will be selling it in June of this year.

    • mike

      Sorry Ashley, but I don't believe you. I want to… I really really want to, but I don't.

  • Lance Fink

    I bet Apple will call it what they want. Maybe they'll call it 4G and it'll stand for the generation of iPhone, or the network, or may it will stand for George, Gilbert, Garret, and Gregory.

  • anonymous

    After looking over your post !xen you prob meant the exact same thing I just posted, my bad.

  • anonymous

    Wha????? Yes lxen the 3G in 3G iPhone does not mean third generation of iPhone, but it was the second generation of iPhone, the first one just being called “iPhone.” The 3Gs iPhone was the third generation of iPhone and so that would make the next iPhone the forth generation.

    So: iPhone – 1st generation, iPhone 3G – 2nd generation, iPhone 3G S – 3rd generation, next iPhone – 4th generation. Make sense? No, because Apple doesn’t refer to it that way, just people who write about Apple. But there you have, next iPhone will be the forth model Apple has made.

  • !xen

    The 3G in iPhone 3G has nothing to do with the generation of the iPhone. The iPhone 3G is the second generation, 3G S, the third. It stands for the network. So, the next generation is not going to be the 4G, unless it actually runs on a 4G network.