iPhone 4G News: Release of new multiple color concept photos

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

It would not be the first time we have seen new iPhone 4G concept photos, and we’re not talking about extremely stupid and stretched gimmicks. Today we have some more photos – thanks to TechTree – that you can see on this page.

Recently we have heard a few rumors, including a possible price reduction in the 2010 Apple iPhone, the anticipated release of a 4th generation iPhone, talk of exclusivity and how AT&T compares to Verizon Wireless.

The photos on this page are new concepts of what the iPhone 4G might look like, and these are the most colorful and sleek we have seen yet. Multiple color versions would follow past iPod changes.

These pictures are a pure work of art, the details are amazing and when the new iPhone arrives this year, lets hope it’s as good as these concept designs by an Italian iPhone fan. How would you like the next iPhone to look?

Visit techtree.com for more details.

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