Infinity Ward Vs Activision: Legal action begins over ‘wrongful dismissal’

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2010

Well how many of you guessed that this was coming? Following on from the exit of two studio heads from Infinity Ward, the company has now decided to take legal action against Activision over ‘wrongful dismissal’.

As reported from Eurogamer, the official press release from IW’s lawyers has now been published, and it’s quite a hefty one at that.

In case you are unaware of what has been going down between the two companies lately, see our previous article here for more details.

As for the lawsuit though, Infinity Ward are also sueing for unpaid royalties and the right to control the ‘Modern Warfare’ brand name.

We’re dying for your feedback on this one. Its going to get nasty.

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  • sangam

    someone should just get them both to shut up, stop being idoits and make the damn game. If you guys split up them you'll both go bankrupt, think about your loyal fans

  • tyler

    haha that would be somewhat reasonable but on an unrelated note how amazing is black ops

  • Robert P.

    Royalties are contingent on employment with an organization, and should be paid regardless. Also, depending upon the degree of control that was given in regards to the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare brand name, Infinity Ward and its founders have the upper hand. The only solution is to put the past in the past. Pay any royalties previously agreed upon, reinstate the production team back to winning combination you started with, and start making money.

    No offense to those "hard-working and honorable" individuals in the legal field, but their are too many lawyers that would like to make their retirement on this disagreement/nonsense.
    If not, how about this? Pick a random gaming title, assemble a team from each side, and battle it out. Winner Takes All.

  • Robert P.

    I'm sure everyone has heard the expression, " If it ain't broke, don't try and fix it." Whatever contractual agreements existed between Infinity Ward and Activision, and whether of not those agreements were followed to the letter, one fact remains. The Call of Duty and Modern Warfare Series were produced by that collaboration, and they are some the most successful/profitable games to date. Nothings perfect. Life and business is full of comprimise and sacrifice, but if what I have read about thus far it true ], I think Activision should be a little more cooperative.

  • They need to work together to make the third MWF. They did the best job ive ever seen in the call of duty games with Modern Warfare 1 and 2 together, thye need to continue this for the best game play, and as well to uphold reputation they have making games.

    • James

      nothing is more true than what you have just said