GM’s Bob Lutz to Retire in May: 47-year Career

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

Bob Lutz, the General Motors Co. Vice Chairman (GM) has announced that he is to retire on May 1, which ends his long 47-year career in the auto industry. He has worked for a number of other carmakers in that time, including BMW, Ford and Chevrolet.

This is the last high-profile departure since the company had gone into bankruptcy, but we should not forget Lutz in a hurry. He was responsible for revamping the once boring GM vehicle lineup. Bob Lutz will certainly be missed but it is time for General Motors to move on in a new direction.

Bob announced back in 2009 that he was to retire at the end of that year, but he choose to remain a little longer to help GM with its turnover. The Wall Street Journal explains that Lutz is one of the last to have worked under former GM CEO Rick Wagoner, who was forced out of his job by the Obama administration.

Please send us your messages for Bob Lutz, will he be missed or will GM be better without him?

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