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Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 cutscenes are 576p, PS3 1080p – Confirmed

Following on from our overwhelming response regarding the revelation that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII runs in 576p and not HD, we can now also confirm that the cutscenes are 576p too, compared to the PS3’s cutscenes which are 1080p.

Once again, the analysis has been provided by those tech gurus at Neogaf, and full details of this are available to view in this chart here. As you can see, this shows the RAD file info for the Xbox 360 version, confirming just exactly the output of cutscenes for the 360 version. Further clarification on this, can be seen over at Beyond3D here.

We already know thanks to Digital Foundry analysis, that the PS3 version will run cutscenes in 1080p, while the game will run at 720p in real-time.

So to round this up, thats 576p for both in-game ‘and’ cutscenes. For those of you planning to pick up the Xbox 360 version on March 9th, what are your thoughts on this?



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