Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 cutscenes are 576p, PS3 1080p – Confirmed

By Alan Ng - Mar 4, 2010

Following on from our overwhelming response regarding the revelation that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII runs in 576p and not HD, we can now also confirm that the cutscenes are 576p too, compared to the PS3’s cutscenes which are 1080p.

Once again, the analysis has been provided by those tech gurus at Neogaf, and full details of this are available to view in this chart here. As you can see, this shows the RAD file info for the Xbox 360 version, confirming just exactly the output of cutscenes for the 360 version. Further clarification on this, can be seen over at Beyond3D here.

We already know thanks to Digital Foundry analysis, that the PS3 version will run cutscenes in 1080p, while the game will run at 720p in real-time.

So to round this up, thats 576p for both in-game ‘and’ cutscenes. For those of you planning to pick up the Xbox 360 version on March 9th, what are your thoughts on this?

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  • Andrew

    "1. it's on 3 Dual Layer Dvd's, each 8,5 GB, which makes 25,5 GB, like the Blue-ray.
    2. NO, FF13 doesn't use the whole 25GB of the Blueray / 3dual layers.
    3. I'm running FF13 on my JTAG'D 360 and a WD Scorpio Blue 320GB,
    can't report slow loading times or disc swapping."

    Firstly, FF13 uses a dual layer blu ray, 50GB. I have heard that this game is 37GB

    Secondly you are ignoring all the data that has to be duplicated when you span the game across 3 discs. Want to see grass after disc 1? That and most other textures have to be copied, monster and player models, all special effects, models for any area you want to revisit without swapping discs. About the only thing that isn't duplicated is the cut scenes.

    There's a lot of data missing here.

    The game looks astonishing on both consoles. I would have liked to have seen what it would have been if MS hadn't bribed SE to gimp the ps3 version to make it seem equal. They're obviously taking extraordinary measures to make them look the same on both consoles.

  • Masteryodi

    360 version cant run 1080p its scaled to run 576 my friend has it and i have it for the ps3 and side by side on identical tv sets the ps3's quality shows way better but like said earlier if u got one console u can afford then get it for that system. Its a win win for SE goer's!

  • Shadowbadger

    I was wondering how they were going to fit it on DVDs 😉

    The joke 20 * DVD case was not really such a stretch.

    * Looks at PS3 . . .

    * Looks at watch . . .

    * Looks at the future and sees a day off on Wednesday

  • Dude. That is fucking golden. You don't want people to call you a pirate, yet you dish out how you are sick of hearing people don't have money to buy both consoles. I am assuming you are pirating for lack of funds. If not, you need to get your shit straight and support who made that game you are enjoying.

    Bottom line is: Get it for PS3.

  • john

    I been reading up on the 360 version. I have a friends that works for gamestop and she looked on the back of the 360 versions box and it states that is runs in 1080P.

    • Xbox doesn't even run a true 1080p. hahahhahaa

    • mememe

      They're referring to native resolution. The game will scale to 1080P, but the image won't be as crisp or detailed as it would be if it were native 1080P.

  • hey dudes, i'm currently playing FF13, on the xbox360, on 1920×1080 hd or how you calls it.
    The graphics look perfect, the cutscenes too =)

    P.S. i'm into Media Design since many many years, and I can't say i see a bad picture.
    And one more thing, NO, theres not less space on the 360.

    1. it's on 3 Dual Layer Dvd's, each 8,5 GB, which makes 25,5 GB, like the Blue-ray.
    2. NO, FF13 doesn't use the whole 25GB of the Blueray / 3dual layers.
    3. I'm running FF13 on my JTAG'D 360 and a WD Scorpio Blue 320GB,
    can't report slow loading times or disc swapping…

    You can call me a pirate now if you want, or harrass me because you got e-balls,
    but face it: there's no effing difference between PS3 & Xbox360.

    4. A friend of mine gets it for PS3 on 9th, I can report back at will =)

    Sorry, i'm just sick of people who can't afford 2 consoles and start hailing theirs,
    ever slapped someone in the face because he's black and not white? yes is he inferior? no you fools.

    • itech1

      I have a buddy that has the PS3 import and I downloaded the 360 version and there is a difference. 360 is just a little more jaggy in gameplay and but cutscenes look very different. It’s awesome on both platforms but if a person has both systems it’s a no-brainer as the PS3 has a more vibrant look.

    • No comment

      How can you test a game that isn't even out yet? Surely, you're working on false evidence.

    • kjak2

      ok i agree about ppl choosing one console and making them selves feel better about their choice in consoles by saying the other one is shit, i personaly own all of them and i choose to buy multi platform games on systems it performs better on for examle bayonetta, i got for xbox cuz there were reports on teh ps3 lagging even during item pick ups.

      1. PS3 version of FF13 1080p cutcenes which is just hd video + its rendering the game at 720, the game is around 37gb and thats why they r using dual layer blu-ray discs thats around 50gb on one disc.
      2. since the xbox version of it is 576p so it wouldnt take up more then 25gb cuz its only a bit bette rthen dvd quality which is 480p
      3. and just cuz ur stupid tv and or monitor is a 1920×1080 resolution screen and it tells u its running at that resolution it doesnt mean the game is running at that resolution.
      its either getting upscaled or itll be like running a 800×600 game on a 1920×1200 screen on my laptop it will look off and jaggy.

    • imdoinyourmum

      ps3 uses dual layer bluray (which is 50gb) and the xbox version is aprox. 18gb total in size moron

  • Mark

    It's OK, Microsoft's brainwashed goons will believe it's perfectly OK. Eurogamer will back it up with same paid-off anti-hype and play down the differences after the big fat Microsoft cheque drops on the mat.

    Everyone will be happy…

  • Giggity

    It's about damn time the xbox gets the shaft with a conversion, and especially one of this magnitude! Thank god Square Enix didn't fall to the usual pressure of making the PS3 suffer due to the 360's storage limitations. Now if only the rest of them would catch on and realize that games need to be tailored to each systems benefits, rather then always crudely trying to port them back and forth like garbage…

    • ghinasky

      Forget about Orange Box, forget about Ghost Busters, forget about Bayonetta or any multi-plat HD console game ever released! They will pale in comparison to this.

      This is the NUCLEAR BOMB that gets dropped on M$ territory!

      This is the Mushroom Cloud MF, waiting to explode on M$ greedy MF face, MF!!!

      It was only a matter of time.

  • WilliamRLBaker

    Just wanted to let this out for ya.

    seems to me to be debunked that the gameplay is 720p.

    • xoaks

      Except those are the fake screenshots….

  • kyle

    i dont have a hd tv and everyone knows ff games aint about the graphics, enjoy the story and the gameplay, i play ff6 and stil enjoy myself

    • ghinasky


      Did I read that correctly?

      " I dont have a hd tv and everyone knows ff games aint about the graphics, enjoy the story and the gameplay, i play ff6 and stil enjoy myself "

      Are you kidding us!?

      dude FF is all about cutting-edge, top-notch graphics push-the-console-to -its-limit break every time a new game is released! …jizzz!

      • Casshern

        You make me fucking sad.

        >Game being about graphics

        >implying graphics make a game good

        >Implying FFXIII is good.

        Enjoy your linear as fuck game.

    • Lee

      I agree im more interested in the gameplay and the story not so much the graphics

  • Lancet

    I have a 1080 i tv and ps3 will cut scenes be in 1080i or 720 p….. Thanks

    • Matt

      1080i…. it will still max out your tv settings….

  • kieran

    just one more thing working against the xbox, next time your xbox breaks dont bother with the elite just buy a ps3 and be done with with shitbox 360

  • Lee

    im buying the 360 version only because i dont own a ps3 but it dont matter about the 1080p thingy anyway because im not using a hd tv.

    • ghinasky

      that's okay, so does millions of 360 gamers in third world countries

      … but come to think of it SD TV + 576p + DVD this could almost be on the Wii …

      …holy sardines Squeenix !

      How low can you go?!

      Microsoft I thought you have a reputation of having an HD console, this is main Final Fantasy we are talking about!

      • ''this could almost be on the Wii'' – Now you're just taking the piss… 🙂

  • PaSco295

    Im not relli surprised because it was made for ps3 and then ported to xbox makin the quality suk in the process, it was the same thing with bayonetta which was ported from xbox to ps3. So its a ps3 buy for me then.

  • ghinasky

    Welcome to your doom Squeenix!

    You have COMPROMISED a whole lot of important things by making a deal with the devil.

    How can an honorable Japanese giant go so low to Americans and kiss thier ass?

    Iwata, Wada, Inafune is right …. Japan is finished!

    You can Ipkis your ass goodbye.

    P.S. 3.
    6 million FFXIII units sold, huh. Yeah right, with millions of pirated 360 versions making most of them.