Big Verizon Outage: Is iPhone on Verizon still wanted?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 4, 2010

We informed you yesterday that there was a Verizon Wireless outage, with many people being notified via Twitter. The fault was a software issue and has now been fixed, the outages affected those east of the Mississippi and users were not able to receive any mobile data or connect to 3G.

According to Computer World, the network carrier explained that the problem was due to a bad switch software, the outage lasted about four hours, but it is not know how many Verizon Wireless customers were affected. Let us know below if you were one of them.

The funny thing is, if you watch all those commercials Verizon has been telling us how strong their network is compared to AT&T, and then something like this happens. This will certainly not help in their cause to get the iPhone, although do their customers still want the Apple smartphone?

The thing is needs change, and with the onslaught of Google Android handsets, Verizon users may not want the iPhone anymore.

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