Verizon Wireless: Is AT&T pale by comparison? iPhone exclusivity

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2010

Much has been said about Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but there is no getting around the fact that the former is years ahead when it comes to its expensive fiber optic network. This could have a damaging affect on the Apple iPhone, with Verizon making its network pale by comparison.

This is just what TheStreet believes and recent news in a fall in AT&T shares are a sure sign that things are not as good as they could be. AT&T are being hit from two sides, not only is their network not up to the challenge, they also face the prospect of losing its iPhone exclusivity with the prospect of Verizon getting the handset later this year.

However, recent news suggests that AT&T was able to extend its deal with Apple and the iPhone until the end of the year at least. It seems that they are managing to keep the wolf from the door just a little longer, but it is just delaying the inevitable?

Apple has been good to AT&T and has since given them a lifeline by offering them the exclusivity of the iPad 3G services in the U.S., how long for we do not know.

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  • Miguel Hernandez

    Verizon is seriously a lackluster service, not only is it not as good as AT&T but Spint seems to be better than Verizon. I am stuck with Verizon due to it's overpriced $320 fee to end the service but I recently lowered all my plan and got the lowest available. I require two phones one for work and one for play, so I got an Iphone, in almost all places verizon kept up with the iPhone offering about the same amount of bars, but when testing the Internet on both phones (iPhone and droid) there is no comparison, the iPhone loaded about 10 second faster on average and the Droid with freeze on occasion while loading. Anyone sticking with verizon must be stuck or just hasn't experienced a good 3G network

  • Chris

    Having used both networks, I believe the majority of praise about AT&T comes from urban users. Anyone who has/has had AT&T/Cingular service knows once you leave densely populated areas, reception and data coverage seriously decreases. Another reason many people are fiercely defending AT&T is that many people don't like the idea of a super power phone carrier or that what they have doesn’t stand up to other brands (nobody likes to be on a loosing team, especially when a contract requires them to be).
    Therefore, I believe the facts are this: Once Verizon get's the iphone, AT&T's days will be numbered unless they adapt their service offering to compete against the smaller carriers like Sprint and T-Mobil who still offer a good products and services at competitive pricing. It is inevitable that Verizon will eventually get the iPhone regardless of contract extensions, because it makes good business sense for Apple and iPhone sales.
    Although, I like the idea of the underdog winning, I want the Iphone, and I want it with a carrier that is good outside of cities. I'll let the AT&T supporters carry forward with the noble futile fight of keeping down the Man.

  • guest

    What do you propose to Verizon subscribers who want the iPhone – it hurts to wait but ATT network hurts in another.