TiVo Announcement: New Premiere Service

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2010

Do you remember all those years ago when the TiVo box was first launched, we all thought that it was the coolest thing attached to your TV? However, times have changed and the number of DVRs from cable companies has slowly started to ebb away at the TiVo’s popularity, but a new premier service is aimed at turning the tide in favor of the latter.

TiVo still has a huge hill to climb, not only is their competition from cable companies but from game consoles also, as they now provide users with movie and TV streaming. 2009 was not a good time for TiVo, by the end of Q3 they had lost more than 314,000 subscribers, but this new service could change all that.

The new HD TiVo recorder is being called the ultimate set-top box by the company and forms part of the TiVo Premier and its sibling the TiVo Premier XL line. Both have new software and uses Adobe Flash to search for video content online. We wonder if they will follow YouTube and begin to show HTML 5 as well, which Steve Jobs is backing?

SFGate explains that the new TiVo premiere service will provide content from a number of services, such as Amazon, YouTube, Blockbuster and Netflix. Looking at that list, this could be the ultimate all-in-one TV and Movie online streaming solution.

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