Royalties for Modern Warfare 2: PS3 and Xbox 360

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2010

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare users do not normally get involved in what goes on behind the scenes of a game developer, all they really care about is the game. But when things could affect future games in that franchise, that is when PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers are placed down and gamers begin to take an interest in Activision and Infinity Ward and the whole royalties argument.

Binge Gamer has been doing their best to uncover the truth behind the story on why Infinity Ward has yet to be paid any money in royalties for Modern Warfare 2. We already know that Activision has earned more than $1 billion for the game, so what is the reason?

It has been rumored that Activision is looking to dump Modern Warfare 3, as their current contract ends in October. However, Infinity Ward still owns the technical rights to the popular franchise. Binge Gamer explains that this could all be all part of a power play. We know that this is an awkward subject to follow, so visit for a greater understanding.

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    I heard the figure was closer to $3 Billion worldwide. That aside, I just hope the money gets to all who contributed to what WAS a great game before the modders and glitchers got to it. Battlefield 2:Bad Company anybody?