Nissan recall and GM recall for steering: Under 24-hours

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2010

Recently Toyota are the car manufacturer who has been suffered due to undertaking ‘voluntary’ vehicle recalls, however within the last 24 hours both GM and Nissan have also announced recalls.

General Motors
are recalling 1.3 million vehicles due to a steering issue, whilst Nissan are recalling around 540,000 vehicles due to faulty brakes and petrol gauges.

With so many recalls in such a short space of time it is not surprising that some of our readers are losing faith with the auto industry, obviously the less dangerous recalls are not such a problem, however they are still an inconvenience.

In an earlier article we mentioned that an industry expert believes that some car manufacturers are too reliant on virtual testing, and he thinks that cars should go through a more rigorous testing procedure, with so many recalls lately it is hard not to agree.

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  • ken

    i have a '07 malibu maxx. is there a recall on the steering system for this model. i am now having problems with my steering.

  • J C

    You are right. I mean, a steering problem hardly sounds serious now, does it?
    I would not be surprised if Congress call up Nissan, though!.

  • Fergus

    I bet GM doesn't have to appear in front of the US congress!! Also I bet the mass hysteria over the Toyota recall is not repeated, the thing is America wants to hammer Toyota for it's success and GM will get off scott free!