Google Nexus One / Motorola Droid: Free for Developers!

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2010

If you are an Android developer you may be happy with this news, apparently Google are willing to give developers a free Google Nexus One or Motorola Droid if they create a ‘solid’ application for the Android platform.

Google regard any application which has a 3.5 star rating with at least 5000 downloads as a ‘solid’ application, therefore as part of Google’s “Device Seeding Program” Google will send developers a Droid or Nexus One.

This news emerged when Google sent out an email to developers, from what we can see U.S. developers will receive one of these handsets randomly. In other areas such as Canada, Europe, Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore will all receive a Nexus One.

Sadly if your mailing address is not in one of the above mentioned areas you will not receive a handset, this is because these handsets are not certified to be used in other countries.

It is quite nice to see such a large company rewarding developers for the hard work, you can find out more on IntoMobile.

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