Geneva Motor Show: Ferrari 559 (Electric Hybid) Unveiled

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2010

It is no surprise to see eco-friendly electric hybrid vehicles at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, however it is quite a shock to hear that Ferrari’s latest vehicle falls into this bracket.

The Ferrari 559 features a petrol-electric hybrid engine, this allows it to switch between different ‘modes’, it can run in a zero-emissions electric power mode, petrol power or a mix between the two.

The car itself has a metallic green color, this reiterates the vehicle’s environmental friendliness despite it still featuring a 6.0-litre V12 petrol engine.

From what we can see it seems that Ferrari are looking to offer a ‘green’ option to all of their range by 2015, personally I can’t see Ferrari enthusiast falling for the idea of paying extra for an environmentally friendly version.

You can see two images of the Ferrari 599 below, for more details check out MailOnline.

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