Geneva Auto Show: Toyota’s First Show Since Recall

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2010

To say that 2010 has been a hard year so far for Toyota would be an understatement, however Toyota are still attending this year’s Geneva Motor Show and looking to rebuild their reputation.

Toyota’s senior vice president at one point told onlookers that Toyota wanted to “apologize to our customers for causing them any inconvenience”, and wanted to reiterate that Toyota were “not aware of any accident in Europe related to the accelerator pedal issue”.

Also on display was a sign which showed Toyota’s recent models all obtained five stars during European crash testing.

At the event an industry executive felt that Toyota are too reliant on “virtual testing”, and said that “The computer doesn’t know it all, and it doesn’t know all of the circumstances: you must stick with physical testing”.

All of this information shows that Toyota are seemingly concentrating on building their reputation back up by showing of safety credentials etc, however it could well be too little too late.

Source: NewsSMH

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