Final Fantasy XIII: New TV ad is exclusive to Xbox 360

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2010

It looks as if Microsoft has waved their magic wand once again, as they have managed to secure an exclusive TV Ad for the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360.

As reported from VG247, the Ad makes no mention of the PS3 version and also includes footage not yet seen before in previous trailers.

Will Sony be releasing a similar trailer before the 9th, or has Microsoft made sure that doesnt happen with Square-Enix?

Check out the new ad below, courtesy of VG247. Let us know what you think of it. Either way, we’re pumped for the release next Tuesday!

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  • Jack

    Man you're all such dumb unoriginal trolls, why hasn't someone killed you all yet?

  • prince

    MS make it sound like FFXIII only on 360, but they forgot that we PS3 owners and FF series fans are the one who know this game before they get their hands on it. hahahahahah for now only FFXIII for xbox, all other FF series will be PS3 exclusive. All of you love FF series better off go buy PS3 if you don't have one yet, new FF series will not go to xbox. ahahahahahahah MS you lose either way.

  • Hermes

    I prefer the 4minute advert on the uk amazon website, tells me more about the story and shows more of the in-game fighting sequences

  • lightman

    @ Theo

    You sir, and i use the term lightly, are malinformed. Sony does own a certain 10% of Square Enix Stock.

    You have proven yourself as troll with one-liners who cannot express himself past one sentence. Prove me wrong. Show me public data and facts that prove me wrong. I own Square stock. I see their financials. Do you? Thought so. So sit go back under the rock you came from under. Oh and buy FF XIII for your Xbox… that'll make Me money.

  • spencer

    not true sony owns about 9 percent of square look it up

  • Theo

    Sony owns NOTHING of Square

  • lightman

    @ Kratos

    Young one… don't be upset. Take revelry in knowing for every FF XIII unit that is shipped… for every misleading ad they pay Square for Sony gets a cut. Why? Because Sony OWNS a BIG chunk of square. This is yet another example of M$ throwing money around bit this time it's actually HELPING Sony. 😉

  • Kratos

    Wow, square is just being plain annoying now. And people wonder why PS3 owners are starting to turn away from this game.