Apple Vs HTC: Not Just Future HTC smartphones that are at risk

By Jamie Pert - Mar 4, 2010

We recently reported that Apple are in the process of suing HTC for patent infringement, since this news a patent expert called Jonathan Zittrain has looked at how this could affect HTC, his outcome if accurate could have a huge impact on HTC smartphones.

He suggests that Apple could force HTC to ‘remotely cripple’ smartphones, therefore any aspects of a HTC smartphone which infringes an Apple patent could be removed taken away from existing handsets via an update.

Prior to this many believed that only upcoming HTC handsets would be at risk, however Zittrain likens the case to the similar TiVo/EchoStar lawsuit, in 2004 EchoStar were forced to update some of their DVRs, this update removed functionality.

At the moment it is hard to say if Zittrain’s predictions are accurate, however as the lawsuit progresses we will keep you posted.

Will this put you off buying a HTC handset?

Source: SlashGear

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  • NICK

    ach, apple, let it be. what more do you want? want to call patent infringement on the wheel now?

    we all know steve, you did come up with the idea of a mobile telephone.