Windows Phone 7: No upgrades with Windows Mobile 6, includes HTC HD2

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2010

Some disappointing news to bring to you now, especially if you own a Windows Mobile 6 handset. Microsoft has just announced that there will be no upgrades to the new Windows Phone 7 Series OS.

As reported from BGR, the HTC HD2 was thought to be a key candidate for an upgrade to the slick new OS, but that won’t be the case now, sadly.

Microsoft states that they have ‘very specific requirements’ for Windows Phone 7, so much that their current lineup of handsets will ‘not’ be available for upgrade.

Not impressed? We didnt think you would be. Looks like you’ll need to buy a new handset in order to try Windows Phone 7 out for yourself.

Let us know what you think of this.

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  • Castle

    I had a Droid and Nexus One. Nice phones but Android has it's own problems even if it is the flavor of the month. The only Android device I would consider now is the EVO 4G but I'm just not going to move to Sprint to get it. The HD2 is one of the best devices out there. Having owned one for two weeks now, I'm not surprised that T-Mobile can't keep them in stock.

  • hanmute

    @Julian Every company cares about what their customers want, but you can't please everyone!! some people's idea of a smartphone is ridiculous.. I think by restricting hardware specifications the consumer experiences Phone 7 as it is supposed to be, which is great! Apple have that control because they build/sell the hardware and the software as a combo.. what I like about Microsoft (Windows / Phone) is that you're free to choose whatever hardware you like..

  • uioj

    nobody complains when old android based phones cant be upgraded

  • Julian Hobden

    I have a Touch HD2 and what a phone it is,but I will not be buying another windows phone I will buy a Google Android phone hopfully an HTC ! as they are more customer based and concerned about what the customer wants than Mirosoft who dont give a monkeys!

  • simon

    I have signed up for Microsofts "Windows Phone Backstage for Windows Phone 7 Series" and there is a thread for the HTC HD2. The reply from Microsoft confirms the HD2 is compatible and specifically adds that this applies to European versions as well. I trust this is correct, although I concede bad news make for better journalism!!