Sony’s Playstation Network: Digital Foundry’s analysis of ApocalyPS3

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2010

As we informed you late last night, the PS3’s Playstation Network has resumed full operation and all is well with ‘fat’ owners around the world. But what really caused the meltdown? We have a detailed analysis for you to check out, from those guys at Digital Foundry to explain what ‘really’ went wrong for Sony.

As most of you will be aware, the issue was caused by a miscalcuation by the PS3’s internal clock, which assumed that February 29th would take place. Of course it didn’t, and chaos soon followed, resulting in no online and offline play, trophies and game saves disappearing – concluding in the whole thing being labelled as the ”ApocalyPS3”.

Digital Foundry has pinpointed that a small hardware problem within the older PS3 SKU’s was to blame, identified as a small ARM Syscon CPU – which was later confirmed to have known issues dealing with leap years.

Out of a total of 11 different Sony PS3 SKU’s, eight of them were affected by the bug, leaving only those with Slim models unaffected.

While everyone is glad that the problem is back to normal, most feel that Sony could of handled it in a better way, providing more feedback to users, who obviously felt that their life was indeed over.

Check out the full article over at DF for a full breakdown. Let us know if you have any opinions on what happened.

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  • Jake

    How can I get my trophies back if I haven't synced them to the internet before apocalyPS3.

  • Luke

    people just need to get over this, its was only a day….. All saves and trophies are back for me and my mates….

  • Janos

    So does that mean that if I turn my PS3 on now it won't fuck up like it did yesterday?

    • Burtie

      no it should be fine now, if your trophy infomation was currupted yesterday then scroll along to your friends list and view your own profile, this will sync it with sony and your infomation shiuld be restored