Sony PS3: Did you get your trophies back after PSN problems?

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2010

Following the Sony PS3 fiasco which is now known as the ‘ApocalyPS3’, we are hearing numerous reports that some of your trophies are not coming back straight away, despite Sony confirming that everything had returned to the way it was.

While it is clear that a lot of your trophies had gone missing during the downtime, most, if not all should have returned last night. Luckily, Sony has issued a statement, in which they explain how to get your trophies back.

The method PS3 users need to follow is this: ”To resolve this issue, the user will need to re-access the game to reinstall the trophies, then exit the game and sync their trophy collection to the server in order to regain previous achievements.”

Have you lost your trophies? If so, its a good bet that this tip above will help sort the problem. We’ve created a poll to find out just how many of you are suffering from this problem. Give us your feedback.

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  • vulgar

    i synced them, set the rite date from the internet and synced them, pretty much used every other strategy people suggested like comparing games with your friends to see if you still have them on psn and absolutely nothing worked. this is bs, but the problem i think is i did this all too late much after when the problem occured. anyone know what else i could do?

  • All you have to do is sync the time and that's it lol and then sync trophies.