Post iPad and iPhone 4G: Apple’s performance to improve significantly

Apple reported an increase in profits earlier this year and many of us assume that the company would not be able to keep its current pace. However, a recent report from Morgan Stanley believes that once the iPad and rumored iPhone 4G are released we will see Apple’s performance improve significantly.

The media hype surrounding the iPad has worn off a little since January’s announcement; this has seen a three percent drop in share prices since the beginning of the year. Apple is able to weather this a little as they must assume that the iPad will be a big hit and if they do launch a 4th-generation iPhone then that drop will turn into a profit overnight. You only have to look at the sales of the current iPhone 3Gs at its launch to see this.

According to Top 10 Mobile Phones, they suggest that the reason for the fall in share prices was the result of investors selling their stock after the unveiling of the iPad; they call them “opportunists.” We wonder how share prices will be affected since the news of limited supplies of the iPad at launch, which we reported this morning.



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