Opera 10.5: The fastest browser on the internet?

By Alan Ng - Aug 6, 2010

We have some good news for fans of the Opera browser now, as the company has just confirmed that the full release of their latest version (10.5) is now available for Windows.

As reported from Pocket-Lint, this may be surprising to regular users of Opera, as you’ll know that the beta version of 10.5 was only released a few weeks ago.

Main changes in 10.5 include a revamped User Interface, making it look a lot like Google’s Chrome browser – particularly with its tab and address bar layout.

With the latest version now unleashed on the net, Opera has even made the claim that it is now the ‘fastest browser available on the market’.

Do you agree with this?

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  • Fox

    Having a dropdown menu just to make the browser UI minimalist like Chrome is stupid as it means relearning where all the options are and more time consuming! I can click 'Show Menu Bar', but you now have a garish bar running above the tabs that is extremely distracting. Opera have always led the way and now seem to want to copy the new 'fashionable' browser in it's minimalist approach (and reports indicate Firefox will do the same with their next release too). Thank goodness Apple had the sense not to tie the menubar in with the program window or my MacBook Pro would be getting a silly dropdown menu too.

  • xmen

    10.5 sucks so hard…I reinstalled 10.1

  • Chimp

    10.5 seems like a bit of a disaster. See the Opera forums (heavily moderated). Like many others I had to rollback to 10.1, which cost me half a day because the 10.5 upgrade was pushed to me. I don't think any extra speed will compensate for the time spent trying to surf, tweak and hack 10.5 so that it can perform standard tasks other browsers do with ease. And it crashed whenever I closed a pdf file in a tab. There were some nice new features with 10.5, e.g. variable zoom using a bar, what a pity. I have been a loyal Opera user for many years, but this new version might spell the end of road.

  • unfair

    Opera 10.5 had some serious bugs that made it unusable – a lot of web pages just wouldn't load, so I switched to firefox. In the meantime Opera 10.51 has been released and I've switched back, and I've been reminded why I always come back to Opera. It feels about a hundred times faster than firefox! They fixed the bugs too. In firefox I have to have 10 extensions to do what Opera does natively, better. This browser is perfect.

  • mel

    Where the hell are the common close/minimise buttons for tabs. Used to be on the top right corner. Now if I untick "Show seperate close button on tabs" option in preferences, how am I supposed to close a tab with a single click ? Mindless morons !!! If it ain't broke don't fix it ! Also new "space saving" menu layout is annoying & confusing. What's the use of transparency effects (or even a slight increase in speed) when the rest of the browser is a confused mess. Plain stupid if u ask me.

  • GLs

    I didn't like all the blingbling changes introduced. It changed ALOT of stuff with my theme. buttons, sizes and even fonts changed. Got so annoyed but after a 30min of tweaking It looks a bit better. I would like check which things in the update I wanted. I'm really only interested in the security updates and not all the fancy shit stuff.

  • I've been using 10.5 for a couple weeks now and after fighting to get Opera Link to work correctly (still to no avail) and having weird, frustrating scrolling issues in Google Docs I'm about to give up. I really wanted to like Opera 10.5 but there's just some small things that are way too frustrating. I'm sitting here watching Opera try to sync my bookmarks as I type this and it's rather hilarious, I think it's pulling all my bookmarks in from Firefox repeatedly, even after I delete them but I have no idea why or how to stop it. Plus I can't delete any bookmarks without them coming back (even bookmarks that I NEVER bookmarked with Opera to start with) and the Opera Link web page that lists all my bookmarks shows a different list of bookmarks (sometimes nothing) every time it reloads. Just weird. Like I said I want to like the browser but holy crap this stuff that's happening is bizzarro. It is fast though, I'll give them that.

  • Sumit

    Opera is the Best Browser…

  • Max

    It''s simply awesome.Undoubtedly,Opera 's the best browser at present

  • Midgeslayer

    Just returned to Opera. Left it went Opera Link stopped working for me. I find the UI very confusing, frustrating and not at all intuitive. Menus and options are easy to find in firefox, IE and Chrome even with the move away from old fashioned menu bars. In Opera I am totally lost. I cannot see an easy way to search the online help, you have to browse to find anything. Any time I gain through 'super fast browsing' is lost many times over in time spent stumbling around the UI. Spent ages trying to turn off the history or find a keyboard shortcut to delete any saved. I give up. Bye bye Opera. Vikings should stick to fishing and rampaging, browsers clearly aren't their thing.

  • Roger

    I have just removed Opera and now when I click on a link from an email to take me to a web site I am blocked with a message advising me to contact computer support as I am not permitted to click through to a web site. I removed Opera becasue it appeared to assume it was my prefered choice as a browser but I had kept IE active while trying out Opera. Any ideas on how to get back to where I was?

    • Rod

      Tools – Internet options – Programs – Make default (button, and you can check the bokx beneath too). Now you can continue to try out Opera too =)

  • James

    I dunno, just upgraded to 10.5 and am NOT happy. Holy crap is it slow! I'm at work behind a proxy but it's taking literally minutes for pages to load. Firefox and IE are fine. My favorite widgets no longer work.

    I'm going back to 10.10

    • robin

      You're doing something wrong then.

    • D

      I have the exact same issue. I find that Opera will load the first tab pretty quickly, but any after that or any clicked links in the first tab load horribly slow. It’s faster for me to copy the URL, close all of the Opera tabs and then paste the URL in fresh. Or, I could just go use IE. 🙁

  • astrowhiz

    the auto fill for usernames and passwords is the key icon next to the forward/back icons.
    The side panel button can be placed on the top toolbar by going to the Appearance option from the Main Menu. Go to Buttons -> Browser and drag the Panels button to wherever you like.

  • awake

    There a minor things they changed with the interface that make it really annoying to use.

    If I could customize these thing, it'll be great, but I cannot.

    I want the toogle button for my panels where it used to be in version 10 (up right above the panel tools, not anywhere else).

    I cannot figure out for the life of me how to add the button automatically logs one in to a site which has it's password saved in Opera (shortcut for this is ctrl+enter). Any help will be appreciated before I switch to portable Chrome.

    • Rob

      I always have the show panel toggle option ticked. So just slam the mouse far left and click. Much easier imo.

    • Rod

      Can't you just right-click on the toolbar and select Customize – Apperance – Buttons -Browser and then drag the "panel" button from the list to the place you'd like it to be? Opera is really customizable if you just look into it =)

  • jedy

    Although I have a Mac, I've tried it on a cheap Vista laptop and it is super fast. Opera usually creates innovative features that influence other browsers so it's interesting to see Opera influenced by Goggle Chrome's clean UI.

  • Almost perfect. I'm using Opera as my main browser for years. I use almost all its features, and I cannot complain.
    One issue is not-yet-perfect dragonfly (dev tool), but its a matter of time now. They will catch it up soon 🙂
    BTW. There is OLD opera logo in this article. UGLY one 😛 change it.

  • Zeron

    I love it. It's super quick and the new UI is fantastic. As a long time user of Opera, I am at a loss as to why it only has 2% of the market share!! To me 10.5 is browser perfection!

  • Naraku

    it sucks. used it for 2 hours and am getting sick of the problems. I’m going back to Chrome

    • Max

      not at all…it's great.
      the problem should be with your computer

  • my0my

    It is damn fast. Specially noticed the difference in very long lists with tick-boxes. They get processed about 10x faster than before, which helps me a lot on one site I regularly work with.