Mouse Computer NEXTGEAR i700PA5-SP: New Gaming Rig Launched

By Jamie Pert - Mar 2, 2010

If your out-of-date gaming rig is struggling with the latest games you want to check out Mouse Computer’s latest release, their latest gaming rig (the NEXTGEAR i700PA5-SP) doesn’t come cheaply but it will perform very well.

The main specifications worth talking about include its Intel Core i7-960 processor, 12GB of PC3-10600 RAM and two GeForce GTX285 graphics cards (SLI).

Also it features two X25-M 80GB SSDs configured in RAID 0, along with a 1TB SATA hard disk drive. The NEXTGEAR i700PA5-SP runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

This rig also features a pretty decent keyboard and mouse, the mouse is the Microsoft Side Winder X3 mouse, and the keyboard is the Logitech Access Keyboard 600.

Currently this rig is priced at 289,800 Yen this roughly equates to $3,246, for more details check out SlipperyBrick.

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