Microsoft Windows: Now Offers 12 Browser “ballot box”

By Jamie Pert - Mar 2, 2010

If you have been following our site for some-time you may be aware of the current dispute between Microsoft and the European Commission, this dispute suggests it is unfair that Microsoft bundle Internet Explorer with their Windows operating systems, as this doesn’t offer a fair opportunity to competitive browsers.

Personally I have never quite understood this case, especially as Apple seem to bundle Safari with their devices without a problem, either way we have an update which could affect the web browser market share dramatically.

Instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer being pre-installed on every Windows-based computer (Windows XP, Vista and 7) users will now see a ballot box, here you will be able to choose from 12 different web browsers.

From what we can see the most notable browsers featured in this “ballot box” are Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3, Apple Safari 4, Google Chrome and Opera.

Many feel that ‘pulling’ Internet Explorer from Windows installation could in the long run have a derogatory affect on Microsoft’s OSs, and I must admit I agree.

Do you think this is a fair ruling?

Source: Telegraph

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  • I think It is a fair ruling, especially as Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers among users who don't quite know what a "browser" is, therefore making them more susceptible to spyware, malware and viruses.

    I just don't understand how Apple can get away with being allowed to bundle Safari with every piece of Apple hardware they release that supports it (Mac, iPhone etc). It's not like there are no other browsers for the Apple OS…

    Thing is, It might not even change that dramatically… as I said, users who have 'no clue' about different browsers will still stick to choosing IE as it is something they know.