Final Fantasy XIII: Xbox 360 will outsell PS3 version by 2:1

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2010

One online retail source has stated that the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII will outsell its PS3 counterpart by a ratio of 2:1. Square’s epic RPG will finally be available on March 9th next week.

According to this report from MCVUK, the claim has come from, who has concluded that searches made on their website, shows the interest on the Xbox 360 version is double that of the PS3.

Whether you believe that though, its up to you. It is also worth pointing out that the website also claims that Final Fantasy XIII is the most successful release of 2010 to date.

What do you think about this? Do you believe that there is more interest in the Xbox 360 version, than its spiritual home, the PS3?

Bring on next Tuesday.

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  • Underdog15

    Hmm… looking back… I'm surprised this article existed. PS3 sales win 3:1 worldwide. Doubled in Europe. And its even winning by a mile in the US. (Wasn't released on 360 in Japan… there's like… 12 360's there.) When you consider the number of 360's to PS3's in the states, it's pretty embarrassing. I guess the fanbase for this title is mostly on the PS3. Well… maybe Squeenix will get the hint. Unless MS buys exclusivity or multi-platform status again…

  • anon

    as a FF fan, buy it on PS3 … FF13 was prolly gimped already to accommodate for 360's limitation.


    I will be picking up for my PS3, but if it was MMO, I would pick it up for my 360 in a heartbeat. I WILL TELL YOU ALL THIS, the xbox version WILL sell more copies, only because there are simply more xboxes out there than PS3's. That's it. It's not that one is better than the other, its just a numbers game. Agnostic, good point in sticking with a product you believe in. However, Klatu has a point as well. We cant all just be lemmings, following our console blindly. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Buy both consoles, "join the darkside…" see what the other side is all about. Im glad to have both, and the option to buy "x" game for either console. Its nice to have choices. Im only picking up for PS3 because its on one disc. That's it really. The side by side graphics comparison was pretty similar, and not really a deciding factor for me. But, my laziness (disc-changing), that was the deal breaker!

  • JJS

    i need this game soon MW2 is pissing me offf!!

  • Kev

    Well it may do well on X-box but I can't see it doing better than PS3 just because it takes up 18.5 gb of space on the hard drive. I mean for the 80 gb hard drive that's nearly 25 %… for X-box it's a huge waste of space, and on PS3 there is no download.

  • PS3sux

    360 is better! Hohohoho!

  • Amir

    Riiiiiiiiiiight, this is the same place that said the Xbox would outsell the PS3 over the holiday season, guess what, it didn't. But sure, maybe they'll have better luck this time and it will sell better on Xbox…….probably not. but maybe…not…

  • bret

    was always a xbox fan till i got a ps3 a few weeks ago hooked on mag and final fantasy viii at the mo .sick of the bad graphics on xbox and paying for that rubbish gold account plz if we have to pay for something make it worth switching ur machine on for . ps3 gets the vote for me selling my xbox 360 games.cant wait for final fantasy hope its good as i expect . seed my friends jap version looks great

  • erasure25

    Well, pre-orders of PS3 FFXIII is outselling the 360 version on Amazon. Basing this on the ranking, which has the PS3 at #1 and the 360 at #9.

  • Kenny

    I agree the 360 is just a port. It won’t even measure up to the PS3 version. Remember Final Fantasy XIII was made solely for the PS3.

  • Agnostic Lennon

    I don't think people are stupid for supporting the PS3 version. I don't think that it has anything to do with ego or overcompensation. I think simply has to do with supporting a product that you believe. I think Fanboy believes in the PS3 and the use of the game on PS3; I am very pro PS3 myself. I think it is an overall better system. As far as development of the game over time yeah it may have started out on Nintendo, but it wasn't till FF VII came out on PS 2 that the game gained some critical acclaim. The Final Fantasy series created a paradigm shift in gaming with it's graphics and it was done on PS 2. The game may not play any different on either console. The fact that it will fit on one PS3 disc verses how it was set up with Xbox 360 should say something as to what the game was really designed for! Also if you constantly having to change discs throughout game play well that just is big pain in the @$$. And everyone that sat there whom turned out and bashed Fanboy made some type of claim to buying the game on PS3 for one reason or another. Personally I have the pre-ordered the game and will be picking it up on March 9th no hassles, and ready to play!

  • ???

    Who cares what system its on i just want Final Fantasy XIII to do good
    I have both systems and i'll be getting them for both so it dont matter for me

  • Shaun

    Reaver…the 360 version is inferior? Why? Have you played both versions? Are you referring to the minute aliasing difference, or the multi-disc compression? You are aware it is a port of the same exact game right? BOTH VERSIONS ARE IDENTICAL. The same character models, the same cutscenes, I mean gimme a break. If you want to think some minor aliasing makes the PS version better, then more power to you. But, the differences are SOOOOO MINOR that simply raising the issue makes anyone seem incredibly "fanboyish". Its the SAME EXACT GAME on two platforms. Deal with it. If you cant deal, and still need to spout your console superiority rhetoric, see "overcompensation" above…If you cant tell already, fanboys piss me off. Buy both consoles, then talk. Otherwise, you have no legitimacy to critique.
    Bottom line, will be amazing on both consoles. Period.

    • Amir

      its inferior because everyone WHO HAS played it says so. Its overly compressed and isnt even in HD. 576p believe was they found it to be in. Google it. Theres plenty of people, even Xbox fans admitting the PS3 version is superior. Don't act like such a geek. its ok thats the PS3 one is better. It was made for the PS3. remember. the Xbox version is just a port just like how Bayonnetta was on the PS3.

    • connor

      actually i forget what website it was but they got both versions and compared them. the 360 version is just kinda like a really good ps2 game, so yeah they are a little bit different, but i just like the ps3 better so im going with it

  • laney

    people are stupid, who cares what bloody console its gona be better on, we all seen the screenshots and vids and there both not much different, and people like play ff how its meant 2 be played, if thats the bloody case then think what console it origined on…nintendo!!! neither xbox or ps, so dnt be stupid fanboys and just enjoy the flipping game!

  • Reaver 1642

    I understand that the 360 version is inferior but in honesty i doubt i’ll be getting it at all, I’m a huge FF fan and i have played every game including their popular and very unknown spin offs, but this game just looks terrible, even the japanese don’t rate it that well so rather then sitting here having a pissing match about what format is better why not just ask….is this really a square game or are enix just pissing all over the franchise?

  • Cerri

    Well said KLATU, Shaun – It's a game, were all gamers – buy it – enjoy it – no matter what platform… or don't buy it but either way no-one else wants to hear you moan about decisions that were and always will be out of your understanding and control.

    P.S. Just ordered my copy, can't wait! =) Happy gaming all!

  • Aaron P

    im getting it on xbox360 cause thats what i own.
    and i hate how people say the playstation is its spiritual home.
    the games started out on nintendo or did everyone forget that. sure they came into their own on playstation systems, but you know it doesn't matter.
    sure i might not get full HD, but i don't have that great of an HD tv, as long as it plays well, it's still going to look good so why does that matter.
    and as for switching discs, im not lazy enough to really think thats going to hinder my experience.
    I did it for 7, 8, and 9 and for numerous other games, back on psone, for me its almost nostalgic.
    if i owned a ps3 would i get it on ps3? of course i would, it would just seem familiar, but im a big enough fan of final fantasy to want to play it as soon as i can, and i don't believe the experience will be that greatly diminished, if it is, then when i get a ps3, ill buy it again, and wow at the awesome improvements.
    well thats all i have to say, the story and hte gameplay are what matter, people get to caught up on their HD graphics, and what not, if the rest of it is good, i could careless about it.

  • Damagedsoldier

    hmmm well I'm getting it on my 360.

    • Amir

      Thats because you dont have a PS3.


    FANBOYS TAKE NOTE: Overcompensation- a psycological term referring to the need to protect ones ego. Compensation occurs to protect the ego from denial. For example, "The small man drives a very large truck", he is likely overcompensating for his size, driving a large vehicle makes him feel larger, hence validating his self image, while furthering his denial.

    Theres a LOT of overcompensation in here. Perhaps IF most of you actually owned both consoles, you could make an accurate statement. However, the game has not even been released, and already the "mine is better" arguments. The headline alone is simply troll bait. Long story short, both versions are IDENTICAL, with the exception of some minor aliasing, and the compression (number of discs). If you can't handle that, and still feel the need to slam "the other console", so be it. Just know that is extremely juvenile, and overcompensation at its most glaring. Maybe you should go buy a big truck….
    I will be picking up for PS3, as I DO own both consoles, only because it's one disc and I'm lazy. But I'd have no problem picking up the xbox version if it was a few bucks cheaper. ITS THE SAME GAME.

    • Exis

      Take a look at the length of your post and go over that definition for yourself :).

      • Sephiroth

        ^^^ Comment win.

  • Shaun

    People, fanboys, chillax. Go outside. Both versions of the game are EXACTLY the same, except for the compression format, and some "slight" aliasing. Slight, as in nearly unnoticable. Unless you have larger than a 62" HD set, you will NOT notice the difference. I own both consoles and will be picking it up for the PS3, only because it's on one disc. Whatever console you buy this for, it will be epic. Realik-geez, here we go with the rabid fanboy. Obviously SQUARE ENIX didnt feel MAKING the game for xbox would be a bad thing, or "hurt it" in your words. They made it, Its done, deal with it. Your argument is fanboy stupidity at its worst. Get a job, buy both systems, THEN talk your smack. Till then, leave your bias and one sided fanboy BS to yourself.

    • Exis

      I do not see anything wrong with a little product loyalty (PS3 in this case). As far as both versions being exactly the same, that remains to be seen in either direction. I wouldn't be surprised if there are some differences. In any case, I personally do feel that PS3 is the superior system, and is where FF belongs.

      As far as SQUARE ENIX not feeling that releasing the game would hurt it, aren't you jumping to conclusions? I would think this is simply an indicator that they want to branch out to increase their profits. It probably means that they value the additional revenue more than they value keeping the game to PS3. And Versus isn't being released on 360, that says something too.

      You know, we may be fanboys, but we're being enthusiastic, not rude. Insult the product all you want, but going after people as you are is simply elitist "stupidity at its worst". If you don't want to put up with our "one sided fanboy BS" don't read our posts.

    • Amir

      No there not. Find the comparisons Kotaku did. it Clearly shows the PS3 version to be the superior one. and this is coming from Kotaku. Not exactly known for their love of the PS3.

    • connor

      I've done exactly what you said, then I sold my xbox and used the cash to buy more ps3 games. They are exactly the same except the ps3 has less problems and looks better. So shut your mouth and realize that xbox does suck, and this is coming from someone who had both.

  • dfadf

    those searches were to see how bad the 360 version looks

  • Ray

    I'll be getting it for the ps3 when i get one. There is no way i will get it on the 360. Not after seeing the japanese ps3 version and how amazing it looked and flawless the fighting was I couldn't see me playing it on the 360. It'll tear down the gameplay as well as the graphics. and the graphics may matter little but they have always mattered the most in ff games. they are what pulled the story through. It is not a game i wanna Play as a Back port to a weaker system. i wanna play it on the original system it was meant for. plus admit that The main prob with 7 8 and 9 was having multiple discs that would get scratched easily and stop working. BD Has a Better lifespan than the DVD-9 and It'll be on one disc. Seriously it was made for ps3. so thats what its supposed to be played on. I've said my piece.

  • Realik

    If it dose it will be very sad. IT IS A FACT that the 360 hurt the game in many ways. One of them was, 20 GB were cut due to the size of DVD9's. If you support hurting final fantasy, buy it on Xbox. This isn't a counsel fan boy thing, this is a Final Fantasy fan thing. If you love the series: buy PS3.

  • RockmanX20


    Too be honest, I think a article like this is a marketing stunt to get people to buy for the 360. Square really wants to get paid for their decision to bring this on the 360. Everyone I know, and owns both intends on getting this for the PS3.

  • ken

    i am not a concerned how it looks just how it plays the story is what matters most 12 had good game play but the story was god awful

  • Jeff

    I'm going to get it for PS3. I like to collect library XIII and verus XIII..

  • Steven

    I have a xbox 360 and a ps 3…..ff will be a game you have to play on a ps 3 to get the best experience.

    All though, thats my opinion.

  • Who Knows

    Never! The high search request is most probably due to the fact that people wanted to know if the XBOX version is really inferior to the PS3 version 😉

    • Connor

      that's what i suspect

  • Rambles85

    well then its just sad that if you buy it for the xbox you wont experience the game the way it was ment to played. 🙁

    • Joe

      so tru man, it just wuldnt feel rite playin a final fantasy game on the 360.

  • Kratos

    Its cuz we have better games like God of War 3 coming out at the same time, and yes i will be getting FF 13 on PS3, just not now, and yes i have a 360 but its half the size on the 360 of the PS3 version which means a noticable difference will be there,