Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – EA’s answer to Modern Warfare 2

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2010

I bet that you’re glad the PS3 problems are over with, because today is officially – Bad Company 2 day! The game is now available to buy in stores on PS3 and Xbox 360 and is EA’s answer to Modern Warfare 2.

We have an interesting article for you to check out now, in which GamingUnion state that Bad Company 2 has a real chance of dethroning Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 as your favorite FPS on home consoles.

After playing the game myself last year, I have to somewhat agree with them. Bad Company 2 is shaping up to be a fantastic game, with the graphics, visuals and destructible environments a joy to see.

But can it really topple the might of MW2? Don’t forget that the first map pack is due out for MW2 soon, so no doubt that interest will be renewed once again.

Take a look at the article in full, then let us know if you think that Bad Company has what it takes to knock down Modern Warfare 2.

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    First off.. let me say.. that i have both games.. ive been a COD addict all my life, and i loved the BF2// bbf2 is more of a realistic game, where you actually have to think and stratigise.. COD is more like a spray and pray type of game.. u really dont have to think all that much.. just go around shooting// but bbc2 ? u have to go somwhere.. backed by a sniper capture a flag… help out people and be helped.. unlike cod, no one cares about the team.. its just like one on one.. bbfc2 is WAYYYY better.. i just think that people dont like it that much cus theyre too afraid it will overpower COD

  • james

    I have both games. Being a Vet gamer and having played every cod game and every battlefield game that ever came out I can only say you cant really compare the two. 2 different types of game play. I believe the best cod was cod4 and the best battlefield was battlefield vietnam. If i were forced to compare mw2 to bbc2 i would say bbc2 by a mile.

  • Brad Paradis

    mw2 kicks BBC2's ass mw2 is one of the best games of all time and had the biggest launch of any video game in history BBC2 wont come nearly as close its just a wanabe game mw2 is so much better. Tell me how many of yur friends have BBC2 rather then MW2 i dont now anybody at all so good luk to that game cause it needs it.

    • Guest

      heh, u sound like all the other COD fanboys out there who just trash BFBC2 and never even tried it, so slry dont knock till u tried it.

    • Grammar matters

      Hey junior… you are typing, not texting. How about trying not to sound like a retarded seven year old when you make your point. KD ratios are just a way to keep you playing the same old game over and over and over. Teamwork matters, and MW2 has no rewards for acting on your teams behalf. I just wish more people used mics on the 360.

  • A. Homick

    I have been playing MW2 on 360 since its release. I sold my xbox for a PS3 and bought MW2 on it since I loved it so much. It seems like alot of you crap on the killstreaks, but it sounds like you are playing with people like me. With a KD ratio of over 2 I enjoy the killstreaks. I am purchasing BBC2 today and will see how it comepares. Yes, I also have camped with "scavenger"/claymores and have gone 36-4 in TDM. I hope the vehicles make it more like Halo in a sense. PSN: aka_homicide

  • Ohthehorror

    After the demo I was sold on BBC2…MW2 is just, broken. From the spawn system, the lack of game type selection in ground war, the connection vs. skill, to the over powered kill streak rewards. I honestly would like to know why Infinity Ward decided that a player who can achieve 7 straight kills should be able to get another 18 without shooting their weapon? or 4 Kills, Care Package, Chopper Gunner WTF. MW2 is addicting, but it is not relaxing. I've abused the system like everyone else to pad my KD ratio…Harrier, AC-130, Nuke anyone? It got old, it got stressful, and it wasn't worth it.

  • Call eats dick

    Um. i love call I've been a heavy player of MW2 since the release. The only reason i played is because i always played with a friend who cared about wining. i could go 050 in call as long as we won and i had fun, that is what mattered.

    CoD is a whore game that people play just to say there good and brag…..btw i infinity ward are lazy and rich for one where the hell are my map packs?????? its been like 4 months thats to long. Battlefield is not a hype game its just a competitor but, CoD is a hype game.

    They probably spent like 20k on marketing. Also i'm watching a friend play now with a party and he and his party are owning but…. they are losing they are playing headquarters. and all the guns in call are OLD but it is called Modern warfare there is nothing modern about it. and kill streaks are so off and makes a game unfair also the perks make it unfair more.

    Also the Glitches, hacks, and moders is so annoying its one glitch after another and it takes so long to fix it, like what are infinity ward doing? Battlefield takes skill but people like "meleemaster30" up there does not have BFBC2 FTW CoD FTF!

    p.s fuck CoD Campers and CoD fucked up spawn system Cod4 is the best game of the series

  • Will

    So I am a fan of all the cod games it’s basically all I play on xbox and I downloaded the bfbc demo and I thought it looked good and had potential. But the controls feel so funky and the map is way to big the game was just boring to me online however I think the campaign might be good. I’m not sure if I will buy this game it is clearly not better than mw2 and it seems like sure there are people who truly love this game then it seems like this game is getting to much hype because some people find it a trend to hate mw2 and anything matching the ranks of cod would get on it and say it’s better but whatever I prefer mw2 but battlefield seems like something I could get into but for now mw2

  • Thanks for the review, Franko. That bothers me a lot about MW2 as well. I love my clan, but when we play games like Domination, I will see one of those numbnuts back off the flag a bit looking to snipe or, as I call it, "cleanup kill" when the enemy inevitably returns to defend the flag. My K/D ratio was 1.3 something a couple of weeks after launch, but I see people who've logged nearly a month's worth of playing on this game. WTF? No wonder you've got a bunch of tweekers out there who can no scope you across the map…

    I am interested in trying out BC2 simply because I'm tired of all the people camping in Team Deathmatch mode when playing objectives-based modes. I don't hold out much hope that the gaming community will spontaneously grow up, but hopefully more gamers like yourself will be attracted to this game over MW2. As an owner of the first BC, I hope #2 is a serious improvement as I was very disappointed by MAG which seemed like a very similar game to BC1.

    So far MW2 is still king, but I would love to see another game dethrone it 🙂

  • enron

    1.35? try 1.59 homie

    • Franko

      Proves my point about individual stat whoring in MW2. I was a stat whore in MW2 and it got to the point that I didn't care if my team won as long as I had good stats. I played 4 hours of BC2 last night and had the most fun I had online since Halo 3's first 3 months of release.

    • amity99 PSN

      never cared about my KD just winning. but my KD is 1.69 with just about 49,000 kills. thats puts my Kills rank @ top 18,000 i think. haha.

  • Franko

    I am a CoD vet. I love CoD! I thought BFBC2 was gonna be awful like BFBC1 was. I decided to download the demo, at first the controls feel wired, but what would you expect if I had been playing MW2 for so long. Once I got used to the feel of the game, I started to like it. I preordered it and picked it at lunch. BFBC2 brought me back to how fun Battlefield 2 was back in 2006 and 07 for me. MW2 is mainly about individual stats (mainly KD ratio) and not about winning and teamwork. Well, all in all I traded MW2 for BFBC2 and I'm not going to care about my KD ratio in in BC2, I'm just going to have fun and win…BTW my KD in MW2 is 1.35 and I am/was a beast with the M16 and Famas. Check out my stats, Gtag Karnage XL.

  • meleemaster30

    BFBC2 is just hype. It seems like the frame rate was like 10fps and the fact that its awkward handeling and shooting, it will not even come close to MW2. People will stop playing it the third day and go back to MW2.

    • BF VET

      how much has anyone heard BFBC2 in the advertising MW2 has proboly broken the record for most advertising

  • It has the quality to beat Modern Warfare but I've talked to too many COD players who didn't like the respawn wait times, large maps and emphasis on team and objective play. MW2 is the definitive twitch shooter of this console generation, while Bad Company 2 is more of the thinking man's shooter, and those differences in style make for two very different games. I've played both series, but MW2 has simply been a way to hold me over til this game came out.

  • DarthVader

    Of course'll beat CODMW2…