Apple iPhone 4G: Possible Price Reduction

By Peter Chubb - Mar 2, 2010

Much has been said about the rumored iPhone 4G, but did you know that this new smartphone from Apple could cost less than previous versions of iPhone models, such as the 3GS. There are a number of reasons why this is; one of them is because we are not willing to pay the high prices anymore.

If rumors are correct then we could see the release of the new iPhone 4G in June and could feature new gesture technology as mentioned in our recent article. How good would it actually be to get a new iPhone with the latest tech for cheaper than the current model, only time will tell if this rumor is true.

According to ShutterVoice, the new iPhone 4G will come with a new 5-megapixel camera with flash, Wi-Fi N, AMOLED touchscreen and that much faster and energy efficient 600MHz A4 processor chip. We are still uncertain if Apple will call its next iPhone model 4G, but what else would they call it?

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  • Veon

    If the price reduction is true, I should sell my iPhone 3gs as soon as possible while it is still valuable..if the price of new iPhone is low,definitely iPhone 3gs price would go down even much lower… more
    thing,I dun believe apple would name it iPhone 4g, as most of the countries have not caught up with these advance technologies… would be ridiculous to have 'iPhone 4g' sold in countries where there are no 4g network..providing 3g technology to serve the customers..
    Unless Apple has its very confidence more than sufficient just to make business in US not global at the moment in a year.

    • jarrad

      Noob 4g= 4th Generation not the network… lmao you looser

      • My left nut

        You call a guy a name and can't even spell it correctly! LMAO you douche.. By the way techno-tard, it's spelled L-O-S-E-R.

  • eliseo

    sounds right, apple has really taken to consideration the economy, but still wanting to get their products out to the masses as seen with the ipad and the iphone 3g lowered to 99$. and they themselves said that people will wait months till the price of a new product is lower so it just makes sense to start low and get it out to as many people as they can when it first comes out