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Apogee’s New USB 3.0 Drives: “smallest USB 3.0 devices in the world”

Apogee have recently unveiled a new line of USB 3.0 drives, these drives are called the Astro Drive Series A101 and are said to bet the smallest USB 3.0 devices in the World.

There are three capacities available, these are 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, all of which offer maximum read speeds of 186MB/sec and maximum write speeds of 130MB/sec.

Most USB 2.0 devices offer transfer speeds of 30MB/sec (read) and 20 MB/sec (write), therefore these USB 3.0 drives should offer at least 6 times the performance of the drives we are used to today.

At the moment we are unsure of pricing and release details, therefore we will have to keep you posted, for more details check out HotHardware.



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